Ironman & Marathon

Considering doing Potteries Marathon which is about 4 weeks before Longest Day Ironman Distance Triathlon. Unsure if this is too close/ However, thinking of using it as my final longest training run before taper. Any thoughts?


  • Alan, I think its a good idea as long as you don't go flat out for a great time at the Potteries. I did a couple of marathons 4 and 7 weeks before IM Switzerland last year, and as you say, just used them as long training runs. Even just adding ten minutes to your marathon time gives you nearly half a minute a mile extra which should feel pretty comfortable at that stage of your training.

    Ignore the old adage that you should only do two marathons a year. Thats for sensible people, not Ironmen (or Ironwomen).
  • Once did 4 in a year (in the space of 25 weeks)and spent half of the next year injured !
    Still haven't learned from it though :o)
  • Rita Banks did 45 marathons in a year to celebrate her 45th birthday. I think she later did 52 in a year.
  • Tho' I don't think she ever did Iron(wo)man.
  • I'm along similar lines to you. I'm registered for the Edinburgh mararathon which is 5 weeks before the Longest Day, which itself is 5 weeks before i do HIMUK.

  • Thanks - I have done Longest Day before, only to struggle through the run - due,I feel to being too conservative with running. For me, it's the marathon which makes it or indeed breaks me.

    Was going to do Yorkshire Dales first week in August, but I think we have to draw the line......mmmmm but what if I've got good form then....hate to waste it....should I????
  • It depends how fit you are. Some people can get away with that, but it would knacker me out, and I'd end up taking at least a week off, maybe two, which would ruin my prep for an ironman.
  • I know it's a bit of a gamble BB. My plan is to do the event and treat it as my last big run. I would be looking to do a good three hour final run before taper. What I was thinking was maybe a 3.45 long run. Its food for thought.

    What also comes into the equation is the Bala Middle Distance Tri during the first week of June. That could be ideal prep for TLD and even HIMUK??
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