MP3 Players & HRM

I am thinking of buying an MP3 player so that I can listen to my music whilst out running. In theory they should give better results than a Walkman or Discman as there are no moving parts. However, I also wear a Polar heart rate monitor and am worried that the MP3 player will interfere with the HRM transmitter signals.
Has anyone had any experience of this?


  • If your gonna get an MP3 player, get a creative Muvo, I dont think you can get them yet here but theyre dead easy tu load up, you just plug the memory card into a USb socket on your PC and away you go, they do MP3 and WMA which is teh same but better, its a newer music compression format that can compress audio trackes to half the size of MP3 without any noticeable loss of quality, and as its a microsoft idea its fully compatible with windows and there are lots of tools available.
    One other point i would like to make is dont expext to be able to 'rip' tracks from every cd you have, some use copy protection that can be a bugger to gt round, but if you know what yourdoing then that cool.

    look here for the creative muvo:::
    its available in 64mb (about 2 hours play) and 128mb (about 4 hours play) and starts from £100 but nothing has been confirmed for this country yet i dont think.
  • I used a polar fitwatch with a Diamond Rio 500 for about 100 running hours without any interference. The polar is still going strong but the Rio has broken. Trying to get Dixons at Marble Arch to fix it now. mp3'ed books-on-tape are great for long slow runs.
  • Andrew: Thanks for the information. I will probably go for the smallest/lightest player!

    Steven: Thanks for your posting. You have set my mind at rest that it will not interfere. I hadn't thought about listening to books whilst running, I will try it! My wife's Fitwatch has finally given up the ghost this week after 8ish years of good work, despite being serviced by Polar recently it now gives strange readings! I think it might be a ploy to get a new one like mine though.
    Thanks again.
  • Andy

    I have ripped every cd I have, my mates etc no problem. Go to

    and get the free ripper - its the best one I know of
  • The Polar digital HRMs should interfere. If you don't mind paying have a look at the Sony stick NWE10 MP3. Very small and light. Has 128MB memory and lasts around 10 hours battery time. Can hold up to 160 minutes but that's at low sample rate. Probably holds 2CDs at 128kbps sample rate.
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