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I am currently training for a 10k and I have 5 weeks to go. I am panicking!

I do at least 4.6k 2x a week, and I have done one 5k race before. When I do the 4ks I am training on multi terrain on road and grass and that includes a hill. I am also running on the treadmill doing runs; 1 min run, 1 min run with an incline of six increasing time every week. I've been doing strength and weight trainining since April but I have left my running training late. image

As I have left my running late, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me on what I can do to increase my mileage over the next few weeks? I'm going to run at least 4x a week but I was just wondering what type of runs I should do?

My pace is also quite slow, I do tiny steps instead of doing larger steps, it feels strange for me to take larger steps.

Thanks everyone! 


  • Well, here are my thoughts, which aren't really worth the paper they're printed on.

    I assume you're not chasing a particular finishing time.

    4.6 k is an interesting distance, is that the only decent run available ?

    Do you have time to run a bit further on your route  ?

    You have five weeks, Maybe add 1k a week to one run until you're up to about 9k ish, that's near enough.

    If your run is out and back, just add another short bit of out and back until you're doing the route twice or as near to that as you can reasonably manage. If you can run 8k and feel okay at the end, you'll probably be able to add 2k on the day if you keep to the same comfortable pace.

    I'd suggest sticking to easy paced runs so that it's a pleasure rather than some training program with set paces and targets.

    Small steps are a good thing. Less impact, less strain, more control on mixed terrain. Larger steps mean more speed and hence more effort and the risk of getting out of breath and having to slow down again.

  • Thanks! I'm not really looking for a finish time, just looking to finish it. 

    Yeah, I'm looking to add on a bit more to the route and run the route beforehand. Should I be looking to do different type of runs, like hill runs, fartlek etc or would you suggest just running adding on the 1ks. 

    My personal trainer says I need to widen my stride but it feels un natural to me! 

    Thank you image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't bother with fartleks etc this close to the race. You just need to get the mileage in at a slow steady pace.

    You need to ask why your personal trainer has allowed you to leave the training so late.
  • I know- we were doing strength work for a while in the gym, should have started running earlier on. I'm worried I will be the last one to cross the line but hopefully not. 

    My pace is apparently too slow- I take really small steps and I've been told I need to widen my stride so I can get faster, do you think that is correct?

    How many times a week would you suggest running- 4/5? I've tried to make a plan but I don't think it's sufficent enough. 

    Thanks image

  • Well, a longer stride is for faster speeds, but if it's faster than you can maintain, you'll end up having to slow down again. If you are running comfortably  at your current stride length, then it may be better not to make any radical changes just yet.

    Three runs a week can be sufficient. I wouldn't add more than one run to a week's program, maybe every two weeks. You're already doing two runs plus treadmill, so one more run would be a decent workload. Say one short run one medium (4.6) and one long run, which builds up plus treadmill.

    I used to extend my long run by time, it's easier to work out than distance and pace didn't matter so much. I'd take about 10% ish of my previous longest run time, add half that to the outward run and then run back again. I'd usually add a bit to get to a marker, like a tree or a gate or a junction. When I dicovered walkjogrun, I was surprised to find I'd got to over 10K without knowing it.

    If you were to introduce any speedwork, I'd do it on one of the shorter runs and after the halfway point, then you're on the way home and the end is in sight. Try a faster  pace, see how it feels, walk or jog to recover. Maybe not in the first week of a new program. Alternatively, just run the home stretch quicker.


  • Thank you- I wouldn't say it was comfortable, it's very slow and it's the least painful, in regards to not getting out of breath etc. I'm thinking I wont be able to do the 10k but I really want to as it is in memory of my Granddad. Maybe it would be different on the day, as the atmosphere would be different, I'm not sure. It's hard for me to run through pain, but I need to run through it. 

  • Apparently the most efficient cadence/step frequency is 180 per minute; 3 per second as in "left, right, left; 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3" - I found when getting my cadence up to this I got faster but didn't seem to use as much energy - it meant using shorter strides than I used with a slower cadence.  I'd imagine tiny steps are ok - when I go up a hill I try to keep the cadence the same but make the steps much smaller.

  • I've got my self a new pair of running shoes. I did a few laps around the park today, and it was only about a mile. I'm having a really rubbish time training and I am hoping to run it- and if I cant I will feel like a failure as I am running it for my Granddad who passed away recently. I had lots of time to train but made excuses. Does anyone have any tips on how to press on through it? 

  • So I did a 5.57m run today in 50 minutes! I did it quite slow but I perservered on! My partner said I keep one foot on the ground and I rarely have both feet off the ground when I feel like I am running. Does anyone have any tips on how I can improve this?

    Sorry for all the questions image

  • How to imrpove it ?

    Feel good about it!

    At 5.57 miles you've just about covered your target distance. You would be on week 6 of the BUPA 8 week 10k training schedule.

    You are lined up for a 55 minute 10K. Some people on here are still trying to break one hour.

     You don't get extra points for leaping through the air like a gazelle, just calf strains and aches.

    Does your running partner have a sports coaching qualification ? I'm guessing that I know the answer to that question.

  • Opps, sorry I meant 5.57k so...just over 3 miles.

    I can barely run for 15 minutes so stop and walk then run again all the time, so I feel a bit of a failure.

  • I though that was a bit of an upgrade, and a bit quick for that matter.

    I did wonder if perhaps it was k.

    Nearly three and  a half miles. That's more than half the target with weeks still to go.

    In this heat I'm walking about every ten minutes, otherwise I'll choke or trip when I'm drinking.

    If you need to walk evry fifteen minutes, do it. Maybe even walk a little sooner so you don't get to the stage where you have to walk, but choose to. Maybe run twelve, walk three, ten and five or whatever seems suitable. Keep to that and you can measure out your distances in walk/run units. There's the 'Scout's pace' run 100 paces, walk 100 paces etc. forty of those shoud see you well across the finish line.

    I quote Hal Higdon: "Walking: Walking is an excellent exercise that a lot of runners overlook in their training. In the training schedule below, I don't specify walking workouts, but feel free to walk during your running workouts any time you feel tired or need a break. Nobody cares whether you run the full 10-K, they're more concerned that you finish. If this means walking every step in practice and in the race, do it!"

  • You are running faster than those sitting on their couches talking about what they are going to do! Every time you are out think exactly that you are out and training again - takes a long time and lots of practice to improve!  Have a training plan and try to stick to it increasing even a quarter mile longer each time! Some days it's easier than others! Your grandad is proud of you at the moment - even more when you cross the finishing line on the day! 

  • Thanks everyone, your posts have made me feel much better. I let life get in the way and had a week off. I think by now I won't improve much, however I know I can do the 10k, I will be walking and running it not just running it. I can't run for long on the road but can run for longer on the treadmill so after the 10k I will do the C25K again. In regards to the 100 paces running, would you say 100 'steps'?

    I'm thinking of doing the 5k distance this week and 6k next week and so on- does that sound like a good idea? Also I am on holiday for 4 days in 2 weeks....what is best to do on the week of the run? image



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