Im running my first marathon in April (Greater Manchester) how long should I leave it after completing this before attempting another?


  •  I do know people that have run Brighton and then the following week run London so i suppose it depends on how fit you are whether you want a time at both how fast you recover from the first one only you will know whether you’re up to another one or not

  • I'd want a couple of months between first and second marathons. After my first - I couldn't walk for a week - let alone contemplate a run.

    What race are you contemplating ?
  • The top people would do no more than 2 a year 1 would be ideal. It really depends how serious you are about running your best time each outing.

  • Its all individual, I did one in April, got next one in September. It depends how used you are to longer distance running. Ever since I did my first marathon, I often go out for 15-16 mile training runs, so to go do another marathon I don't have to take my training from such a low level again.

  • Bionic Ironwolf wrote (see)

    Yes, I agree, back when I was still running marathons I used to regularly go for long runs on the weekend, I never really had to bump my training up much for the next race but  then I'm one of those peculiar people who thoroughly enjoy running long distances.

    Your not alone. I did half marathons for several years, but now I cannot do anything but long distance, and I want to see how far I can go. Take pride in it.

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