I have a place for the Great North Run this year, but due to injury and having a small baby I haven't run longer than six miles in training so far. I have a knee injury that I'm currently resting. What is the best thing I can do to ensure I get round the course in three weeks' time?

I recently had almost a year off from "proper" running due to pregnancy and having a small baby. However, in 2011 - the last year I was in proper training - I did one full marathon, three halves and a few 10ks.

Since returning to running in April this year I've done two 10ks and have beaten my PB twice (55 mins and 53 mins). I was really looking forward to the Great North Run but due to knee problems and lack of time, haven't been able to put the long runs in.

I spoke to a physio who said my best chance of getting round it would be to rest my knee for the next three weeks and then turn up on race day to see how I get on. However, this means I'll be running a half with no training runs of longer than 10k. How will this work?

Any suggestions?!


  • Try run/walk and take it slowly. Don't worry about the time. You should be able to get round.

    You'll probably be a bit sore afterwards but I'm pretty sure half marathons will have been run on less training then you've done.

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