Dunstable Downs 20 Mile Challenge

Anyone run this one before as it's local to me and I'm thinking it would be good training for the Loch Ness marathon I have coming up?

Is there much chance of me getting lost or are there direction signs along the route?




  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    I've run this most years and really enjoy it. The course is not really marked, so there are seveal opportunities for going off course, but that's all part of the fun! You just have to treat it a bit differently from a proper 'race' - just think of it as a long training run. You'll probably be able to follow other people for a lot of the route anyway - you just have to make sure you pick someone who knows where they're going!

    Great route with some nice views and scenery. Perfect training for an October marathon - it's 20M but is probably worth more than that due to the terrain.

  • Thanks Padams, sounds perfect, I think I'll be signing up image

  • The course has changed slightly since i last ran in it 2011, hope i don't get too lost! image

  • I'm just loading the route onto my unreliable garmin 405 but I'll have the paper directions for backup image

  • I did it one year and my tactic was to follow Padams.  We only got lost once, but the trek across a heavily ploughed field was good exercise for the calves.  Speaking of calves, there was also an incident involving some cows and a bridge.

    Great fun, thoroughly recommended!  image

  • Small world Stew, thanks for showing our little group the way image

    Really enjoyed it even if the last couple of miles hurt a bit more than I hoped.  

  • It was good fun, especially if one has an experienced campaigner who knows the way, in one's group, as "we" did. It's a low key event, friendly and well organised, with excellent views. As a training run it is excellent too and, as Padams says, it offers more value in building strength because of the terrain! I certainly can recommend it!



  • Hardest run i have ever done as i started dehydrated... undulating my @rse! Beautiful views and local.  Definitely back next year... I've kept the map / instructions so i can repeat the course myself a few times!

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