Looking for run partner in Milton Keynes

Hi all,

I am currently looking for a running partner in Milton Keynes. I go running on my own quite a bit and would be nice to find someone to go running with. I am not  a faster runner and I am doing about 5K at the moment but I can do 10K but only in colder weather. I did a 10K movember race last November.

Please get in touch


  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    Hi Tara.  I don't live in MK but I'm a 2nd claim member of an excellent MK club called DLRR (David Lloyd Redway Runners).  I joined them as they are a lovely bunch of people and very sociable/ encouraging - we recently jogged at the back of the MK half playing musical instruments.  They cater really well for all sorts of runners and you'd meet a lot of people who are similar to you.  They are also very cheap to join.

    Have you tried the MK parkrun? It's a free 5k run every Saturday at Willen Lake. You'd also meet a lot of people there, if you don't find anyone on here. 

    Hope you find some running company soon.


  • hi tara 

    look at the club website for DLRR  - club has over 450 memebers, all abilities , and  group runs from 2 miles to sunday runs over 2 hours + 

    something for everyone, and all really friendly 

    also +1 for MK parkrun at willen , we go most saturdays  - PB this morning  - woo hoo 


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your messages. I am thinking of joining a running club and it would be nice to meet new people as well and running on my own sometimes can be a struggle. I did drop a message to Lakeside runners last week but I havent had a reply back. I have had a look at redwayrunners website and it does look interesting. Do you know how much it is to sign up?

    I have never done parkrun, whats it like? Is it any good? I went out with sweatshop running club last week but I was disappointed. No one spoke to me and I found it hard to get motivated.

  • Hi Tara,

    Did you get anywhere with the running clubs, I like the idea of the redway runners but a lot of the runs are during the day which I can't do being at work and the longer runs don't appear to be very long from the website. My longer runs have been about 10 - 12.5 miles but I am waning a little on enthusiasm recently so either need to join a club or find a running partner. 

    My experience of the sweatshop was the same, I thought I would meet a load of people but they were all so clicky and so after a few weeks I left.

    Feedback greatly appreciated.

  • mrdoodles, I've recently joined DLRR they seem a friendly bunch so far, I too was a little concerned about the times of the runs listed on their website, but there seems to be plenty for people who work 'normal' hours. There's mid week social runs and interval/ speed sessions and a Sunday long run all at suitable times. If you contact them (via there facebook page is a good way, if you have facebook) they are more than happy for non members to join them for runs to see what its like.  https://www.facebook.com/DavidLloydRedwayRunners 

    You could pop along to one of their Sunday runs by the sound of it 1hour 30 mins of running. I usually do 10-12 miles in that time but the way its run you can do more or less. They start at 9am from seemingly random places around MK, to mix up routes etc. The few I've been on have had a great turn out 50-60 people, all of them friendly. 

    Surprised to hear the sweatshop runs are a bit clicky, I've been thinking of going along to a few of them to get a free t-shirt image 

  • Thanks for this, a colleague of mine has just said the same to me about the distances and non members I may come along this week to find out.

    The sweatshop was a bit of a disappointment for me, whilst it was good to be running with a lot of people and no-one was unfriendly in any way but there was nothing to welcome new people into the group and so I felt like I was running a busy route on my own. There is also a free Garmin if you manage all of the runs in the year!

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