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My husband and are are currently training for the Abingdon Marathon. We are having problems finding a sports nutritionist. We live near London and have contacted a few but they either are so busy they can't be bothered to reply to our enquiry or maybe they think don't want to take us on!! The reason I say that is because my husband has CLL ( leukaemia)  and so needs to stay fit and healthy as away from illness as much as possible and I wonder if they just dont want to take on the extra responsibility. But there must be someone out there who is not afraid to help him!!!!

If you have any recommendations please pass them on. We would be very grateful of any help.


  • They arn't london baised but with family down near there (Alyesbury) at least once a month. Biased as it's my wife but you might like this lady. linky Unfortunatly has experiance with similar illness's both profetionaly and with other members if the family.

  • image O and don't worry she spell's a lot better than me. imageimage

  • His missus knows what she talking about. I would reccomend.image

  • Hello, I'm the missus/wife image

    I'd be happy to go over a bit of background with you to see if I can be of assistance - PM me if you'd like a chat image

  • Hi Ultra Bookie

    So sorry I didn't reply earlier. Even though I have the box ticked that says "email me when a reponse is made" it obviously doesn't work so I only saw your message this morning.

    Yes it would be great to find out some more background. Please get in touch when you can.

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