Brooks Gts 12 Vs Mizuno Inspire 9

I have been running with brooks gts 12 for two years now. I find that now I am running longer distances I find them difercult to run with them as i find them rock hard after a while.


Has anyone tried both pairs, and do they find the mizuno shoes are a softer ride.


I over pronate and mid foot runner





  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Its prob best if you get yourself down to a proper shop and try a pair of each on.

    They have to be the correct shoe for you. Not someone else.
  • I run in Inspire 9s and they are a great shoe. I switched to these after realising I slightly over pronate having previously run in Brooks Ghost 5. The Muzuno will be lighter than the GTS but will offer slightly less cushioning, especially on the forefoot which will make them probably firmer than the GTS. My Inspires have worn briliantly and I've not suffered with hardening at all.

    Like Millsy says though, what suits one runner may not suit another. Get to a proper running shop and try several pairs image

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