Is this normal


I did my first ultra 2 weeks ago today ( 40 mile Grim Reaper )  just wondering if its the norm to still feel totally knackered, had 5 days of rest straight after then have done a few little runs, but i'am struggling to even do 5 miles.

I get home from work and just want to go to sleep, my husband has renamed me Tiny Tears ! 

can anyone give me any ideas as to how long this can last... have Chester marathon in 6 weeks.

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  • Ay up paula did the reaper with you and I'm still recovering to. Got very little experiance of ultra's but for a marathon it normally take 4 weeks before I'm back to 100% everyone is different through. Some crazy fools will do one the weekend after and not feel it.

  • Quite normal - you will suddenly wake up one morning raring to go.  Recovery is individual and gets quicker the more you do, but you should be fine for Chester - good luck image.

  • This is a prety normal reaction, especialy if you are steping up in distance. 

    I am sure that it will clear up long before Chester. 

  • Perfectly normal. Just be careful not to push the training before you're ready.

  • paula hall,i did the Grim Reaper 40 aswell my 1st ultra to,and im doing the chester marathon aswell,im starting to get back on track now but still feeling tired longest run since TGR 11miles and it was you be back shortly.

  • Hi cake how you feelingimage

  • It won't be so bad with the next ultra you do, unless it is a big step up in distance!

  • im tired all the time

  • Thanks all for  your replies, dont feel like such a light weight now !


  • G65 THE REAPER wrote (see)

    Hi cake how you feelingimage

    image  Cracking mate wednesday as winning for once. Which probably means we will lose. Good luck for chester mate it looking like fun have the blisters gone?

  • yes their gone now cake,all the best mate take it easyimage

  • Just to jump in and say me too! Both for the Grim 40 miles, and for the still feeling knackered. Slowly getting there, but I am finding things more of an effort than they should image

  • image But it was your first time chuck your body after was saying what the f*&k was that. It will get better.

  • cake i could.nt put it better myself mateimage

  • Really struggled after my first couple of ultras too but body seems to have adapted & I recover much quicker now.. However, my problem is that I always seem to suffer  from a serious case of CBA afterwards and struggle to get my behind back out the door... argh!

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