Mizuno Wave Sayonara

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share some thoughts on my latest addition to my ever growing running shoe collection, the Mizuno Wave Sayonara.

I've always been a big fan of Mizuno and when I saw this shoe being marketed earlier this year I waited with anticipation. Early reviews showed promise and I took the plunge last week and......well what awesome shoes!!

The seamless upper is a joy on the feet and the slightly wider than normal (normal for Mizuno that is) toe box feels fab and really allows your toes to spread out. The new lighter foam and usual wave plate design make for fast, stable and quick transitioning shoe with the perfect amount of cushioning. They are really light (almost racer light), but give enough support for the longer runs, in fact I'd be happy to run either a 5km or half marathon in them! The laces are brill too, they have a locking feature which means no need for a double knot.

Anyone considering these I'm sure won't be disappointed if they buy them. Equally I'd be really interested on the thoughts of others who may have purchased!

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