Saying hello here properly.

Hi guys,I've decided it's time to commit and push forward and work towards my first IM.  I’m presently listed on a provisional team for next year’s Outlaw (running) alongside the magnificent duo of Cake & Ultra Bookie, and my target for the solo Outlaw is 2015.

I’m 50yrs old, married and in Derbyshire, which where I am gives me access to a great countryside network to run in for which I'm very grateful.  I

Luckily, even though I’m still pants at stuff and don’t have the natural attributes for athletics I’d have liked, I do have other things going for me, including a very supportive wife who lets me spend both time and money, and good friends amongst whom are some lovely RW folks who I’m lucky enough to get to meet and have fun with from time to time. 

I love running, well more run/walking at the moment out on the longer distances in the countryside.  Daytime, night-time it’s all good  -  which is useful as I backed off due to some overuse injures early in the year that threatened a couple of important start lines I wanted to make, and so at the speeds I presently move at, being able to run by headtorch is a must. image

Swimming is something I had to get a coach for to get past years of 25m splash and splutter stuff that because of ignorance of techniques, I never thought I’d get past.  This year I neshed out and went for breaststroke to get me through my first go at a sprint tri, but it’s hard on my more playful knee and I’m now starting again from scratch to develop my front crawl.  The thing about the coaching is it changed the relationship I have with swimming and now even though I’m still rubbish – it’s an absolute labour of love. I’ve gone from not seeing how I’m ever going to get past my weaknesses, to understanding the mechanics and believing I’ll be fine once I get technique/timing sorted out.

That leaves the cycle stuff, the backbone of the tri – and the thing that I haven’t yet learned to love and haven’t really tackled head on.  I don’t have much of a cycle background,  I’ve still hardly touched one for 35yrs and I’m not really excited to be in traffic on a bike – it’s a thing I have to (and will) conquer.  On the up side, I have a decent enough road bike (it goes by the name of Capt. Jackson), I've also just bought a modest but well reviewed turbo-trainer to help when the weather is forbidding to make the most of the Winter months, and am just about to add a cadence sensor and sufferfest video (Hell Hath No Fury seems favourite) to bolster those workouts.

I don’t suppose that comes across as much of a base, but amongst that lot above are things I’ve learned that have given me the confidence to go forward.


  • *Waves* Im in the Leicestershire - you are welcome to come play in my backyard!!

  • *waves back* Hiya Buttercup and thanks  image

  • Helloooooo!!! *waves enthusiastically*

    Where in Derbyshire are you?? I'm just south of Chesterfield!!

  • Ooh  hi Ir0n Little Sister *bounce bounce* not far away then, I'm not far from Alfreton.

  • Ah, I did live in Alfreton for a year!! There's a good pool at the leisure centre that I use! I'm in Tupton! image

    And don't worry about the "IrOn" bit!! Most folk on here refer to me a Lil Sis!! image

  • HI

    I am in Nottinghamshire

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    *Mounts rescue and deprogramming operation*


  • Thanks Lil Sis, that helps  I'm normally shortened to DS.

    HIya mathschick, great, I've had a few fun races through Sherwood.

    Mr Puffy wrote (see)

    *Mounts rescue and deprogramming operation*

    Hi Mr. P. *waves*  it's okay everyone is very friendly, just not a word yet about where they keep the cheese and I don't know what day the bins get emptied.  I'm sure all this stuff will be in the welcome pack though.

  • hey ds. im up in buxton but do a few rides out towards you so if you ever fancy a ride about shout up image

  • Hi nozmonster and thanks image  That's something for me to look forward to that when I get a little more comfortable and experienced on my bike.

  • Mr Puffy wrote (see)

    *Mounts rescue and deprogramming operation*


    image mmmmuuuuuaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!!! To late he has gone to the darkside never to return. image

  • Now I really must get that swim arranged that we talked about!

  • Cheers SuperCaz, that's going to be fun.

  • SuperCaz wrote (see)

    Now I really must get that swim arranged that we talked about!


    The Dawn Shadow wrote (see)

    Cheers SuperCaz, that's going to be fun.

    Swim! What swim?? If it's local & OW I might be interested!!

  • Seriously?  Would there be interest in an open water swimming weekend?  I know of two locations close to camp sites and I could probably find a few more elsewhere in the country if people were interested.

    I'm reluctant to post anything publicly on here as the sort of locations I have in mind are better suited for small numbers of people - maybe up to about 20 tops, so I don't want the whole world turning up. They would be rivers rather than lakes, so no lifeguards or safety precautions.  Everyone would be swimming at their own risk and looking out for each other

    If there is interest then I would look to arrange something for the beginning of next season May or June as I'm running out of weekends this year.

  • *bounce bounce* That sounds like a great offer SuperCaz, thanks.

  • Depends on where & when!! PM me some info & I'll have a wee look!! Assuming of course I'm allowed! image image

  • Hi DS - with Cake and Bookie looking after you, you're definitely doomed, eh, I mean in safe hands, and will never be forced into doing the full distance image Never *coughs*

    SuckitupButterCup wrote (see)

    *Waves* Im in the Leicestershire - you are welcome to come play in my backyard!!

    Have you got a sandpit?  Can I come play too? image image

  • Lil Sis, of course you'll be welcome. 

    *waves hello to Lee*  IM's do have a Love Station don't they?

  • Lil Sis, I've sent you a PM

  • The Dawn Shadow wrote (see)

    Lil Sis, of course you'll be welcome. 

    *waves hello to Lee*  IM's do have a Love Station don't they?

    Only the best ones do!!! So you'll be in safe hands at the Outlaw image

  • Perfect, I'll keep going all day for chocolate cake and enthusiastic pom-poms. image

  • DS, welcome to the forum, glad youre enjoying your swimming.  Swimmings certainly something which will improve if you enjoy it and work at it.

    SuperCaz, I would also be interested in an OW swimming weekend but got to be careful how much I volunteer for as next years looking chokka already.  Would depend on timing etc.  I like the idea of swimming a river, 10k each day with a break for lunch or something?

  • Hi thought I d introduce myself after lurking here too long I m really tempted to do the outlaw next year as my first iron distance but don t know if I d be more sensible doing a half - I have a swimming background and endurance rowing so happy in the water my running is a plod up to ten miles at the moment and I m just getting used to a road bike . At 44 I need a challenge after spending the last two years relocating and caring for my mum with terminal cancer, that feeling of wanting to do something positive mixed in with how did I get to 44so quickly!  I d appreciate any advice !! 

  • Bouncing Barlist - hi and thanks.  If I can also get to love the cycling as well, that would be great.

    Searow - hello and welcome to the forum.

  • Thanks DS 

  • Looks like I have a week to decide whether to do outlaw 2014 or not !! 

  • Don't panic if it's like this year even when it fill's up there will be a few drop outs because of injury and stuff so if it fill's up before your ready you can put yourself on the reserve list.

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