Injured but desperate to run

I've started up running again an did the age old mistake of doing a bit to much too soon and injured my ankles. I've been resting for 2 weeks but still have a problems walking let alone running. I've entered my first half marathon and I only have 6 weeks. Do you reckon its still possible? I managed to run two 10km runs after only 3 weeks training. I'm still doing strength training to prevent further injuries once I can run again.

Should i just rest and wait or try the half marathon with little training?


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Sensible answer is NO.

    A half marathon is 21km all in one go, you have run 2 x 10km and have an injury due to too much too soon. If you can't walk without pain now, keep resting and do gentle rehab exercises.

    You may possibly be well enough in 6 weeks to walk it or run/walk it, but to run it and be able to continue your return in this sport you will be in putting everything at risk. Think long term.

  • yes it's possible  to do your half in six weeks when you can hardly walk now,

    have you thought about doing it in a wheel-chair?  It may be hard on your am-muscles

    at first and you may find it hard to find parking at your chosen event but I'm sure you'd get a fast pb.


  • Sorry but I had a slight pain in my foot, nothing worth talking about.

    I ran the club run all 4km of it and had a slight burning sensation in my heel. This was on the 17/7/13

     By the start of the Marathon (11/8) the pain had completely gone but I had not done a test run. By the half way point I was aware there was a problem... at around 20miles I stumbled and nearly passed out with pain. I carried on with a branch(!) until I could find someone to get me back to the finish. They carried me to their car(!).

    A visit to A&E, the Dr's (and another appt. tomorrow) a week off sick later and I am planning to walk round the garden today (hopefully) with my friend Dihydrocodeine...

    The wife is being pretty good about it, the dog on the other hand image has not had a decent walk on the moors for days...

    I cannot be more grateful for the help I received or more p'd off for being an idiot..

    Do not be an idiot like me... let it heel up properly and then run

    I did it so you do not have to.... honest

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Do another race when you are 100% fit. There are loads of halfs about.
  • Sideburn.   That's what I was trying to say.

    Millsy 1977.  .   Ditto.image   Well done at Salisbury.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Thanks Waccy! Hope you enjoyed your race as well!
  • The original waccyracer wrote (see)

    Sideburn.   That's what I was trying to say.

    But why say it in 55 words when you can say the same thing in 202?

    I have some time on my hands at the moment as you can probably imagine image

  • I think you know that the answer is no - or you'll risk serious injury.

  • SideBurn.

    I'm more into numbers than words, my  inability to type well, technophbia , poor eyesight,  and it's harvest time on my allotment ,  all combine to limit my time, plus

    Too much chatter from me blurs the picture .  This is not the medium I can use to express myself correctly. image   


    I enjoyed it more than words can say,( from me anyway. )  I managed to do 100 miles and 100 metres in 24 hours.  The last 7 hours were the best, trying to bring my lap times down  and get running freely again so that I could hit the 100 mark.

    The support and the friendliness of the other 48 hour and six dayers made me feel quite humble.






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