Top of my foot

For the past few weeks, I have had a funny pain on the top of my left foot.  When I say pain it doesn't really hurt, but I can feel it. Does that make sense? It feel it most when I'm either barefoot at home or in my flats. It feels as though its bruised, but I haven't dropped anything apart from my delightful boys no ones stood on it. It doesn't hurt if I press it so I don't think it's an actual bruise. 

Anyway, I've laid off the running thinking that would help but its still here niggling away.  Today I went out for 6 miles at my usual snail pace and since coming home the pain is much greater. Again it's not sharp or really sore but it's there and tonight I keep getting pins and needles in that spot as well. 

Any ideas what's going on? Is it worth going to the docs or shall I just man up and get on with it? 


  • Could be tight tendons in yr foot? I've had that type of pain too. a good physio or sports massage would probs help

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