Panic ! Advice needed groin/hip

Hi , really need some advice, I'm registered to run a half in three weeks (my first) and during a long run last week, (8.5) I hurt my hip, didn't feel anything right away but was very sore in left hip and groin next day, physio suspects its adductor magnus, haven't run since, still feel a tightness in groin when I walk, up until that point I'd been fine, had been told by physio I  have to work on strengthen ending hips and core but that was the week before injury ... Not sure what to do... Should I rest for another week ? Do some low impact aqua running or low resistance cycling? Should i aim to get another longer run in before the half ? Any advice welcome, 




    I feel your pain LOL I am going through just the same hip flexor apperantly suppose to be doing GNR in September I have not run for 8 days still don't feel I can ,I had a 9 mile under my belt before the problem ,but I don't think I've got enough miles in the bank I am doing my excisise s at home and have a physio appointment next thursday.

    I am gutted don't know what to do don't  think I could even walk it the way my pain is in my groin 


  • Aww snap image though you sound way more sensible than me image there's a big part of me thinking if I rest for another week, I might be ok to do another long one then just keep my ltick going with  short runs.... Lol image

  • I am hoping to try another long one on Thursday do you think you will make the run/walk. Ooh by the way I am far from sensible if so I wouldn't be doing my first half marathon as a more mature female , just wanted to do something for me for a change. Plus I love the buzz you get after a run image

  • I don't know if I will make it I'm 7 days post injury today and still sore, I've only been running since march, so all of this is very new to me image I'd love to make the run, I'm fundraising for a charity that is very special to me and whilst there will be other races, thiis one is important for a range of reasons image if I had a better base I'd be inclined to do nothing between now and then and hope for the best on race day, but I'm just not confident that I have enough mileage behind me, I'm no spring chicken either lolimage 

  • Your situation sounds exactly like mine I have my fingers crossed for us both , I need to book a room and the train yet but I daren't do as I could loose my money , I too have been training since march can't believe it can ya , I would like you to keep me posted on your progress 

    good luck hope it improves for you  will let you know if I attempt a run on Thursday that will be 2 weeks of no training image 

  • fingers crossed we will make it, definitely let me know how you get on On Thursday and I'll do the same, image hope springs eternal lol

  • Update ! Went to a physio today and he says its a posture problem, there's tightness in piriformis, hip and calf but all coming from lumbar spine !,, had some acupuncture today, another session tomorrow and he reckons I might be able to run at the weekend .... We're not out of this yet onemoremileimage 

  • Just checking if you got to run ? Unfortunately I'm out physio has put me off for another couple of weeks, which firmly puts me out of my half image  so frustratlittlest going to cross train and use the time to do a fair hit if core work so that I reduce he prospect of this happening again, truly hoping that you have better news 

  • Oh no sorry to hear that you must feel gutted , I tried a run today did 3 mile then limped home didn't feel good at all . Went for the physio by hell did she massage my thigh nearly jumped off the table , had some acupuncture too can't tell much difference at the minute , still don't know if I will get there still hanging on for a miracle gonna give it another week then decide what to do , to be honest if my leg won't hold up i no chance 


  • let  me know how get on, fingers crossed that this week makes A big difference to you, image how I'd you find acupuncture btw ? I've always harboured the notion that it was painless but it was anything but, and  i think that i have a fairly respectable pain threshold ..I'm wondering if its just a case of where you get it, mine were in spine, hip and calf but I found it hugely uncomfortable to the extent that I'm not too sure if I'd want it again


    Hi update is pushed myself to do a 7 mile run / walk today and it hurt , went for another physio session she realy worked my leg muscle she still thinks it my hip flexor   She said my range of joint movements are good so don't understand Realy .

    the pain is still there all up the front of my leg and into my groin , could it be my trainers could it be this could it be that , makes no difference now it's 2 weeks to the GNR 7 killed me today can I do 13 ? . By the way I didn't feel any pain from the acupuncture or any relief gonna have to stop the physio sessions too , can't afford £30 every week So do I stop training now all together and go do it anyway  I have developed a terrible limp too now  .confused. Com image

  • Wow...7 miles is great, I'm still so sore that I haven't even attempted to run image image like you I'm starting to doubt physio, it's cost 60 so far and I'm not convinced its helped anymore than just the passage of time, 

    if I were you ...I'd just do some gentle stretching between now and then, 7 is amazing , the buzz on the day will definitely carry you on..and there's no shame in a walk /run plan either, I'd try it and if you have to pull up at least you know you tried.. 

    As it stands for me, I know I wouldn't even get a lap of a track in now, let alone a mile image injury sucks but particularly when no one can tell you what it is or how to fix it..frustration !,, let me know what you decide to do...will be cheering for you image 

  • Keep stretching the hip flexors and strengthen the glutes. If the glutes are weak other muscles take over and the hip flexors tighten and the piriformis tightens. A good physio should be able to sort you out.

  • image

    Well update so far been to physio today I have now been told my hip was not lined up and he has corrected it , he also said I have had a tear in one of the muscles in my leg left  Inner thigh he explains in great detail how the hip is responsible for this and why now I have pain in my knee and itb (is the correct spelling) , he said my tear has healed and the pain and stiffness and tightness is scar tissue , he has pulled, stretched twisted and rolled my leg with a roller and boy god did it hurt , so the plan for the GNR is this I have got my train tickets and all my gear has arrived so I am going for it jog/walk /crawl I will finish I am running for children's cancer so will do my best ,so if you see some silly middle aged woman hopping on one leg it's me ,some  may say I am stupid poss I am but hey ho here we go 

    june x 


  • June, I have every confidence you will surprise yourself, image .. Let me know how it goes but it seeyou things may be turning a corner for you 

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