Monday 7th October

Hello all.

What: hoping for a swim later.
Why: post-GNR recovery. Feel OK today (apart from work-related lack of sleep) but suspect I'll be a complete wreck by tomorrow if I don't rest today.
Last hard day: yesterday.
Last rest day: Saturday.


  • Hi everyone; been a bad boy this week, managed some intervals yesterday under the pretext of teaching middle son to ride his bike. Unfortunately he fell off when I was half way round the track!!

    What: easy 4 miler + 5-a-side football tonight
    Why: regular but easy running planned this week before Denstone 1/2 on Sunday
    Last hard day: Monday
    Last rest day(s) tues, wed, thurs.
  • Morning all. was jealous of you lot running the GNR yesterday as i watched whilst pounding the treadmill in the gym. Not quite the same atmosphere !

    What - Rest Day
    Why - good weekend sessions, Sat 8.8 mile steady run, Sun - 4x400m, 2x2000m followed by another 4x400m on the treadmill.
  • Morning all

    What : probably a 1k swim at lunch time
    Why : Active recovery

    Last Hard : GNR Yesterday
    Last Rest : Saturday (if you class decorating as rest)

  • Hi all,
    Lovely to read of your exploits at the weekend.

    What 500m swim.
    Why: Overdid it on Friday, spent Saturday feverish and disoriented. Pity. Friday was really fun.

    Decorating definitely not restful!
  • Yesterday did a 59.55 10km (averageish) in regents park -

    today recovery run.

    tomorrow the world
  • Hi folks,

    Live from South Shields Metro Station...
    No, made it home in the end, there is no way of avoiding the crowds unless your name is Sonia O Sullivan, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    What: should rest but feel restless so may go to running club tonight.
    Why: GNR yesterday, but want to stretch my legs a bit.
    last hard: GNR. Av race HR was 185, 90% of max. that must count as a hard session coach?
    Last rest: Sat.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Well done all GNR runners I'll have a read of how you all got on in a minute.
    Watched the beeb highlights, personally I did it once but the queues, inefficient baggage buses,the idea of starting regular GNRites ahead of the other 'fun' runners,uninspiring course,inefficient buses back to Newcastle,unco-ordinated goodie/water/t-shirt collection mean that I'll never do it again.
    (newcastle nightlife & the metro were impressive tho')
    Hopefully they employ championchip timing now.

    I digress ,
    What : easy 30 minutes
    Why : hard race yesterday
    Last rest : Friday
    Last Hard : Sunday
  • totally mucked up my weekend running did 2.5M on hard hills on sat and 9M slow on sunday plus 1M "walking" son around his XC course before his first race.

    Today - 5m steady
    why - mix between recovery and building miles. Should have been a short hill rep session if I'd done hard Sat and easy Sun like I planned.
    last hard - Sun
    last rest - Fri

    bad week last week 52 units plus takeout curry and chinese and large meat pies and large pork pies - and got to get focused.
  • ChampionChip timing, Dustin? ROFL big time. Bring your own stopwatch and don't blink or you'll miss the start and finish lines.

    Actually, reflecting on the event in the cold light of day after about 3 hours sleep, it was a nice course ruined by organisational complacency and, I suspect, greed - "Let's see how many suckers will part with £25 for the Great North Run experience". Having said that, I can think of transport-related things I will do differently next time round because I know what I did wrong this time.

  • What: rest, maybe attempt to walk down some stairs.
    Why: marathon yesterday (see race report under events)
    Last hard day: Does yesterday count?
    Last easy day: Saturday
  • Hi all. My recent absence has been due to skiving in the Lake District and is not running related. Last week: swam twice, ran 5 miles with the club and did 2 long walks (fairly flattish) in the Lake District. Need to do more running this week.

    What: swim 30 mins
    Why: it's Monday and that's what I've organised to do with a colleague at lunchtime
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: saturday's long and quite tough walk.

    Well done to all GNRs. I've done it for the past couple of years and felt quite left out this year. I'll see you all there next year!
  • Following yesterday's study of elite running form (Sonia watching on telly) I rather fancy putting it into practice - but I know my style looks absolutely nothing like that! Today's plan:
    What: 4m steady this afternoon
    Why: Feel like a run
    Last rest day: Yesterday
    Last hard day: Saturday 10 miles 'undulating' over North Downs
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Laura, your GNR experience sounds more like a hard Fartlek session. I wouldn't do it again (did it last year) unless I was guaranteed starting from near the front as I got really frustrated dodging and weaving.

    What: 30 mins easy + may go out on my bike later on for an easy ride.
    Why: Have been feeling rather drained recently and have decided to take this week very easy.
    Last hard day: Saturday - track session
    Last rest day: Wednesday
  • Drew,

    Couldn't agree more. Currently I'm bumping up my mileage in an attempt to see if I'm capable of doing a credible ½M (Helsby in mind in particular) - but having read the accounts from GNR, that one has been firmly crossed off the list.


    what: either rest or ½ an hour or so v slow

    why: 2 sessions of total length 96 mins
    last 2 days (don't laugh Martin!) plus hard 9K Fri have left me feeling not quite 100%.
    Want to manage a speed endurance session tomorrow as beginning of taper down to Chester Zoo next Sun

    last hard day: Fri
    last rest day: Thu
  • Mike - with the amount of speedwork you do I think it would be churlish of anyone to laugh if you're feeling a bit knackered!
  • o What: 4 mile moderate - not recovery, but not hard (timed exactly 30mins!)
    o Why: Testing the water after the other day. No blisters and no aches - Friday's experience appears to have broken my shoes in, thank goodness.

    Last hard day: The other day, due to the shoes not being broken in then (ouch).
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
  • Did 25 mins dead slow trying to run over such grassy bits as there are on the way out to Meols Common and back.
  • a bit adding comments about GNR but here goes. was expecting a 1:30 but due to the slow traffic a poor 1:40 but when you think i did it last year in 2:05 its not so bad not a race for a pb.i felt very stiff monday did some treadmill work at gym today but should,nt be feeling like this.
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