Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12


  • Still no bids. They are nice trainers very well looked after!

  • It's a bit of a long shot though, isn't it. Basically, you need someone to come along who:

    - wants a pair of Brooks Adrenaline
    - is the same size as you
    - happens to be looking for them right now
    - is willing to believe you've worn them as little as you say you have
    - and is happy to buy second-hand trainers for the £25-30 saving.

    Good luck though...

  • Maybe, but I have sold 6 pairs of trainers (Nike, Adidas and NBs) on Ebay during the past year or so. All have been used and well looked after.

    btw Are you doing Nottingham? Recovered ok from Belper?

  • I am doing the half. And yes, fine after Belper but I was being sensible and not trying to chase down all the other women (think I could have managed at least 2nd...)! How about you? And have you entered Nottingham yet?

  • I`m looking to do the full at Nottingham but not entered yet. Payday tomorrow!

  • Splendid. I will wave to you from the pub.

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