Rugger is now the number 1 sport

Yes, it's true. After a bit of judicious rounding up, Great Britain's new national sport has proved that it can challenge the popularity of soccer by producing a higher total attendance figure than Celtic could for their match against mighty Partick Thistle.

Yesterday, the following BIG GAMES took place in the Zzzzzz Peeeee and elsewhere:

Celtic (no, not Glasgow Celtic) League
Neath-Swansea Ospreys 25 Leinster 36 Gathering: 4,046

Zurich Premiership
Gloucester 28 Northampton 20 Gathering: 11,000
Harlequins 9 Leeds 16
Gathering: 7,123
Leicester 12 Bath 13
Gathering: 16,815
Newcastle 20 Wasps 23
Gathering: 10,001

National League One
Bedford 22 Otley 15
Gathering: 1,312
Bristol P Worcester P
Coventry 25 London Welsh 17 Gathering: 1,000
Exeter 17 Plymouth Albion 19 Gathering: 2,500
Orrell 69 Henley 15
Gathering: 1,000
Penzance/Newlyn 22 Wakefield 7
Gathering: 1,500
Pertemps Bees 39 Manchester 12 Gathering: 300

National League Two
Esher 8 Harrogate 10
Gathering: 400
Moseley 14 Rugby 9
Gathering: 300
Newbury 12 Nuneaton 15
Gathering: 275
Nottingham 22 Doncaster 19
Gathering: 530
Rosslyn Park 65 Lydney 24
Gathering: 500
Sedgley Park 14 Bracknell 21 Gathering: 320
Wharfedale 52 Stourbridge 10 Gathering: 450

These fantastic figures add up to an INCREDIBLE total of 59,372!!! Notice of course that most end in a nice clean zero, not like these messily complex soccer figures that are so tediously exact. But notice also the creativity of the Newbury club which dabbles in multiples of 25 and, best of all, Newcastle which tagged on an extra 1 because Diddle-dally-allio turned up with the FAMOUS TROPHY ITSELF!!!

As for Celtic and their match against mighty Partick Thistle, they could only attract a measly 58,202.

Proof indeed that rugger has taken off and is now the nation's number 1 sport.

The factof the matter is that Rugby Union is not even as big as rugby league


  • John, you're just jealous cos you didn't go to public school!

    Anyway, Britain's national sport is alcohol-related fisticuffs.
  • One has the devil of a hangover, don't y'know, after all the celebrations. One was finally discovered amongst numerous empty port bottles in the shrubbery on Thursday morning. Mem-sahib on the warpath, what, and one has taken refuge in the servants' quarters till all the fuss dies down.

    Apparently the mem-sahib has dismissed one's personal valet because of some impending scandal in tomorrow's gutter rags which has something to do with the fact that one's trousers were missing.

    One has tried to explain to the mem-sahib that this is England's hour of glory and that it is the sworn duty of all Englishmen to celebrate the greatest moment in our sporting history, don't y'know?

    Although one is keeping low for the time being, one did get a visit from one's bookie, who knows a secret way into the servants' quarters because he is evidently the chambermaid's brother, don't y'know? Anyway, the splendid chap delivered one's winnings after one wagered that League Freak's E-team would whitewash the leaguie chaps, who, right on cue have let the whole country down yet again. Just when we have the colonials on the ropes with the Wallabies beaten and that blasted Waugh fellow calling it a day, the leaguies go and lose like they always do. Bad show, what? Bad show.

    I say, has Lawrence got his knighthood yet?

  • anyone who calls rugby "rugger" is either

    not a supporter (as I suspect from the post)

    or a public school tosser

    the VAST majority of supporters call it by it's proper name

  • I thought it was fishing ?
  • He got it but Neil Back took it off him, stuffed it up his jumper and then tucked in behind Johnson and Ben "hot potato" Kay. It won't be seen again until they flop collectively over a white line somewhere...
  • That's Lawrence's knighthood by the way...
  • Ha, ha John, a feeble attempt to wind people up by trying to portray rugby as it was 30 years ago. 1stly, League is played almost exclusively along the M60 corridor by a handful of clubs. And it only has 3 international sides of any merit.
    Football, of course, will always be the nations no.1 sport, I just suggested in a previous thread whether or not it SHOULD be !
    p.s. you didn't include the Sunday games at London Irish and Saracens, and where's National League 3 for gawds sake ??? Challenging thread, a bit one-eyed and lacking in facts.
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