Fat to Marathon in 22 Weeks

Having had to faff about with the C25K programme due to an op ( reopening of my caesarean scar) and realising that I really enjoy/miss running; I have decided to bite the bullet and train for a marathon. Ideally I would like to participate in the Viking Coastal Marathon on the 18th of January. I have been reading Booktrunk's thread with interest and decided to start my own to encourage me to keep at the training no matter what!

I have some kit and my trusty running shoes. My 1st run starts tonight. Wish me luck!


  • Good luck chuck do you have a plan your following?

  • Good luck!

  • Good luck, Auranya! I too followed Booktrunks excellent thread and running my first Marathon at the end of september (I blame her). As Cake asks, are you following a particular plan?

  • I've got a myasics plan saved with 0.5 mile as initial runs. I'm thinking I'll need to invest in a pair of road shoes as I'm not sure my Lady Kanadia TR will do for that particular race? 

  • Forgot to say I also have the plan by Shades from here too but haven't looked closely at it yet.

  • Good luck and look forward to hearing about your progress!!

  • Shades is very good person to sounds things to if you get stuck at any point.

  • Ran last night, a gentle session of running and walking along the river. Covered just under a mile and half. Left it a bit late in the day though and it was just starting to get dark so there was no one else out plus the mozzies were biting. I didn't ache too badly though and felt almost normal after my shower.

    Next run tomorrow.

  • Had a good run yesterday. I went in the early afternoon and it was 89% humidity according to my garmin watch, however there were a couple of very light showers which was rather refreshing! 1.6 miles in 21 mins 49 seconds.

    I really need to learn to be able to turn round while running as I've been avoiding it so far. I end up having to walk home and that will cause problems on longer runs! I think the problem is that I am so focused on getting to a certain point of interest in the distance so I need to break that mentally.

    I've also noticed that I'm scheduled to run on Christmas Day, I don't think my 3 children and husband would be too happy about that so will have to "move" it on the plan.

  • Don't be scared to chop and change the plan when needed you see loads of people panicing on here asking if they can go to a wedding or something because there plan said do this on tuesday and not thinking for themselves. Inportant thing is doing the work not always what day of the week you do it in. image

  • The only thing that scares me is will I be able to do the distance in the time limit! I used to go backpacking and mountain walking on a regular basis as a child and teenager in both the UK and Europe. Once when I was 14 or 15 we walked over 30 miles in one day with a full backpack (not daysack). I grew up in Snowdonia so was used to the hills but now I live in Hertfordshire where it's mainly flat. I'm still a keen walker, everyone comments on how I walk everywhere but it's not quite the mileage and terrain that I explored in the past. I'm hoping that it won't be too hard to build up the stamina that I used to have, I've seen so many races that I'd love to do so fingers crossed!

  • Have faith in the training and it will all come together chuck. Honestly once you have the confidence in it your going to be laughing. image

  • you are doing well, the distance will come and before you know it you will be looking back thinking, how did I come this far? and I can remember when x miles was a tough long run and now I am running the same distance as an easy short run!!


    Keep going and you'll get there.

  • i seem to be going the opposite direction at the moment. image

  • image  (((hugs))) Why mate?

  • just a few niggling injuries and too many pies.

  • Skotty - I've heard it recommended that if you feel a niggle then take an extra day off or two? Dieting and running are hard aren't they! Seriously though hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks to Paula and Cake, I shall think of your comments when the going gets tough. 

    Think it will be another damp run tomorrow judging by the weather forecast image

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