Talkback: Run to the hills

I am too a disabled runner and havent been classified or anyything but know which class i would fall into( t46) and i love running 5000 and 1000m but i just wanted to know why Sydney was the only Paralyumpics to have the 5000 in? And im running a 10km in september then im getting back on the hill training 


  • About to go out running on the hills in preparation for the Himalyan 100! Thanks Noel, good tips and reminders of why it's great to run them.

  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭

    Just remember not to look down too much while you're going uphill and watching your feet in the woods - I did, and ended up knocking myself out on an overhanging tree branch, landing on my knee [already weakened by something-or-other] and doing further damage!image 3 weeks later and I still can't run!

    Oh, and look out for roots! They have a habit of jumping up when you least expect it, resulting in a land in the brambles with a stupid terrier looking down at you!

    I'm now looking forward to fixing my knee and tackling the hills again, so will be keeping an eye on this article!

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