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Hi all,
I am looking for an off road/trail shoe that would be suitable for a neutral runner(something lightweight).

Anyone got any experiences/ideas on this?


  • I would thoroughly recomend a pair of walsh PB's . I am on my second pair. They have rubber studs and offer excellent grip. Most fell runners and trail runners wear them !
  • I would also recommend Walshes, the Xtreme range. Most of the so called trail shoes are just road shoes with a grey makeover.

  • My most recent pair of Walshes have only lasted a couple of months before most of the stitching went. I'm not the only person to suffer this fate.
  • the ones to go for are either the Adidas Davos (last years model - so cheap) or the Swoop, I and many of my fellow hill runners have switched from Walshes due to the perceived and experienced downward spiral of Walshes quality>> rant over, but I would def. recommend the Adidas shoes.
  • I must say I find stitching going very strange.After how many miles does this happen ? I am on my third pair ( they do need replacing every 400 - 700 miles ) and not one stich has come out any of the shoes and I will probably start getting them resoled.
  • The stitching started to go within the first month of getting a pair of the new black ones. That's with about 2 outings a week. Other people are seeing failures in similar periods.
  • The Adidas shoes are very comfortable, but do not have such good grip as Walshes on wet rock.
  • Bad Luck John,

    I have allready clocked 250M on my new black pair and not one stitch out of place.
    They must have bad batches. I did order mine from petebland sports who are the authorized dealers for them as such and might ge5t better quality.
  • I gave up on the walshes as the lining seemed to rot very quickly. Now i'm in Felldancers, but the soles seem to have parted company with the top after just 170 miles. Looks like i'll be back in the walshes for this season, unless i can track down some of these Adidas Davos.
  • I thought the Swoop had replaced the Davos ?
  • It has, but look at the price. I bought a pair of the Davos two years ago for £29.99.
    It may be worth knowing that the soles on the RoostDavos can be extremely slippery on wet rock or pavement.
  • I've been perserveering with trail shoes and decided that I really need some proper fell shoes. Seeing as the Brecon Beacons seam to produce mainly mud in the winter is the swoop better than the walsh?
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