Diarrhea post ow swim

On Sunday morning 24 hours after an ow swim I had diarrhea.  Eat as normal the rest of the day but had it again yesterday morning before breakfast so decided to fast it out so eat nothing yesterday and just had energy drinks.  This morning had some boiled rice and stewed apple.  Before I'd even had a mouthful had to get to the loo again-was surprised there was anything to pass. 

If this is down to the ow swim is it likely to clear by it self or should I get down the doc's?  Have Chtriman 226 this Sunday so need to sort it.  Other than starting to feel a bit drained (no pun intended) I have no other symptoms


  • I would prob get to the Drs ... the quicker you find out what it is the quicker you can get medicated iff needed and then the better you will be for the weekend, it will take a while to restore energy levels

  • I will get myself round there now Meldy.  The fact I'm still going after a day of fasting is worrying.  I've had diarrhea in the week running up to marathons in 2004 and 2010 in the first instance I eat my way through it and it stopped after 3 days, in 2010 I fasted it out.  This seems a bit different.

  • were others swimming with you?? if so, how are they??

    if others have gone down with similar then it's probably the water; if not it's probably something else.

    but best get to the docs

  • Seen the doc, who said it couldn't be the lake,  until I pointed out I had swallowed a small amount of water......you have to wonder sometimes.  He gave me a container for a sample and said bring it back tomorrow...I took it back five minutes later.  Where the hell is it all coming from, until this morning I haven't eaten since Sunday night...

    Anyway he says if I'm still going in the morning he'll put me on antibiotics.  On the plus side he does seem pleased I've lost 6lbs, I think GP's get a bonus if their patients manage to lose weight

    Yes FB there were others swimming I got into the water number 70 so if there was a problem with the water I doubt I'd be the only one.

    Contacted the folks who organise the lake swim sessions and left a message.

  • No reports from Saturday's swim or all season apparently so it's down to something I've eaten or a virus I guess.

  • yep - sounds like a bug from somewhere else

    hope it clears up for you before Ch'triman

  • Thanks FB, usually 24hrs without food sorts these things but not this time.  My chance to see if carbs depletion diets work. image

  • I got a stomach bug earlier this month, D & V, stomach cramps etc, and it lasted ten days! It's not always a 24-48 hr thing!

  • True enough, all depends what strain of bacteria you've taken in, how much and what condition the immune system is in and of course it could be a virus, doubtless the results from the sample I gave will be inconclusive.

    I've done 8 or 9 ow sessions this year and all bar one I've had to get to the loo within 30mins of getting out of the water.  I've put it down to eating breakfast too soon before (less than an hour) swimming, the exertion and maybe the pressure of the wetsuit-don't have the same problem at the pool.

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    It is surprisingly rare to get ill from open water swimming.  I'm not saying that it isn't possible but the science says that you are much more likely to catch something from elsewhere.

    If you do get ill from open water it is usually because you are run down anyway and therefore more likely to pick something up, or the water is not flowing properly, or just after heavy rain when things can wash into the river.

    I hope you recover quickly and are able to achieve your goals at Chtriman.

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