Best i-phone app for training?

Hi all,

I have recently completed the c25k using my i-phone app which I really liked.

I would now like to work at improving my pace, but sticking with the 30 min/5k distance. 

I am wanting an i-phone app which will talk to me and coach me if possible. The 2 most popular seem to be Nike and Run Keeper. Does anybody have any experience if these and would you recommend either of them?

Advice much appreciated, thank you. X


  • runkeeper is good, can recommend it but have not used Nike.

    Runkeeper will let you input various training schedules, but will only talk to you about current speed and distance.
    What do you want it to say to you?

  • Thanks guys, at the moment I just go out and run for 30 mins, with 5 min warm up and cool down walking. I'd quite like something that would include (sorry I'm not sure what the official term is!) short faster bursts and things like that. Sorry-I'm a newby (as if it doesn't show! Haha)

  • I think you mean intervals image

    I use Endomondo. It has built in Interval training features (Preset programmes and custom) and audio feedback, and has all the other bells and whistles every other app has.


  • Thanks Matty image Will have a look at that one. Sounds good.

  • Plus one for Endomondo. I use it for intervals, and it's very easy to input your own programmes.

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