Loss of padding - Salomon 10+3 vest backpack

I've been using my Salomon 10+3 vest backpack for a year or so now and found it great. BUT after I finished the Lakeland 50 I found a badly rubbed spot from the lid of my Camelbak 2 litre bladder. I thought it was just because it had come off the top loop holding it up, then it happened again on my 20-mile run on Sunday. I have checked that I hadn't put the bladder in back-to-front.

The padding on the back of the backpack appears to have become compressed and no longer very effective. Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions? Is there any way to plump it up again? The rest of the backpack is still fine, I really like the design and I don't want to replace it if I don't have to (££££ and I don't like the present design as much).

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