DIY Pirate Lanza Training Camp 2014

Hey all

I am planning to get back out to Lanza for a training camp, (everyday training lanza camp 2014).  Its a really great way to get some biking volume, and open water swimming in early in the year - its recommended.

However, I was going to stay on for another week at the same apartment complex, as my missus, (ShuffleB) was coming out for a weeks training as well.

So I am happy to 'organise' a DIY pirate training camp for a weeks training in the same style as the camp I was just on.

Dates - Sat 15nd March -Sat 22th March
6 days of training - (Sunday - Friday)

Daily program -

  • 30 min swim before breakfast, (on the IM lanza swim course)
  • eat breakfast
  • 3-5 hr ride.  Grab a snack on the rideShort, medium and long ride options available
  • 30 min run in the afternoon
  • afternoon happy hour cooling legs in the pool
  • eat food
  • sleep

The last day can be the full IM bike course, but options are available for those building up to IM.

Apartment complex is the 'Arena Dorada'.  Its in Puerto del Carmen, about 50 m from the beachfront
They do a buffet breakfast, and we can do evening meal as well, (easy) or eat out, (more expensive).  Its a bit more 'germanic' than the place we stayed for IM lanza, and the food can be interesting, but the beer is cheap.


  • airfair + bike carriage
  • apartment costs, (approx £280 b&b for 2 people sharing an appartment)
  • beer money image

Are you good enough?  - Yes

  • I'm alright on the bike, and know the island well, so if you are fast I can sit on your wheel
  • The missus is aiming for her first IM next year, and is a definite back of packer.  She wants to get some riding in, but is slow.  You will (probably) be quicker than her so she will sit on your wheel

We can mix / match groups / rides / loops depending on who is riding.

End of camp Friday night drinks in route 66 are mandatory, (unless you are asleep image )

So if anyone fancies this let me know

I can answer any questions you may haveimage, (on any subject)



  • edited with correct dates image

  • I'm not sure your Missus could be slower than me Captain, but the idea sounds good to me!

    “I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile.” Capt. J L Picard!


  • OC - there was some talk of maybe doing a training week in  Nice - or nearby - so we could recce the bike course ... ??

  • Oooo .. watches with even more interest!!  image

    Any idea of dates Raf?

  • Not as yet - was going to wait till IM Wales and Henley were out the way before thinking about it, but sometime in March ??

  • OC I'm very interested. image

  • Can I come please? Would be a great way to get some early year sun and cheap beer  image

  • Very interestedwas hoping to plan something like this wih Hokori anyway and a great way to get an idea of the bike course


  • I would love to do this..............but couldn't do this and the LEJOG......if that goes ahead..need to have a think image

  • OC, I would be interested but depends on work commitments and a few other things.

    Also the proposed date is when my be skiing.

    I obviously cant commit but if timing/work allows I may get a late flight and join you if thats ok?

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I'd love to do this but sadly would be unable to make those dates.  A shame.  Have fun.

  • I would be interested image

  • Rafi

    I want to go ride the Nice course, but I also want to go on the everydayTraiing camp.

    I can't do both as I can't afford 2 sets of airfares. 
    I also don't know Nice, so would have no idea where to ride aprt from the IM course.

    So Lanza won in my book, and I'll wing IM Nice bike course - how bad can it be... image

  • I reckon we're Lanza'ing early in the year....then most probably Nice in the Spring...that's sort of the plan. Mousie, Raf, anyone else if we investigate Nice in the springtime, shall I keep you up to date?

    Assuming I have any money left at all that is.

  • OC - that's fair enough. I did wonder about going back to Lanza for a training week and may still be tempted.

    Mrs F - that would be grand if you could keep us in the picture image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Mrs F - yes please. 

  • Love to go to Lanza, but what with the house move I'm on a spending lock down. Least that's what I've been told!

  • Mrs. F, I'd be interested in a recce of Nice!  

  • OKi dokes, gang. When we are back from You Know Where, the research will probably start...will start new thread when I have something to post about image


  • Why? Are you going somewhere special Mrs F? Maybe in October sometime? image

  • Me? Naaaaah. Isleworth in the Autumn is very nice don'cha know image

    (oh dear, I'm really very * very* excited, sorry, especially since another pal of ours qualified on Sunday, proper party!)

  • I was just wondering I am a newbie on this forum and am planning to do an IM next year, was just wondering is this open to all or specifically pirates?


  • Hey kattyrich....

    As anyone can become a pirate..... i guess its open to all...

    If you dont like me/ us you can just ignore us image


    When i have booked myslef up I'll post on here again...

    No early decisions needed as flights and apartments will be available and i am going anyway image


  • I'm interested in this image

  • OC you do know that I have trademarked the "DIY Pirate" phrase


  • The Silent Assassin wrote (see)

    OC you do know that I have trademarked the "DIY Pirate" phrase


    Yeah but you have to make it look shoddy to justify calling it DIY. You just organised a "Pirate HIM", really. Speaking of... when is it next year? I've got a calendar and everything.

  • That's great OC.  I hopefully can keep up with your wife on the bike image.


    Count me in and just let me know the dates as I will need to put it in the calendar and warn my husband I am off without him!image


  • Katty .. you do realise if you dont go out a pirate you may well come back as one  image

  • TheEngineer wrote (see)
    The Silent Assassin wrote (see)

    OC you do know that I have trademarked the "DIY Pirate" phrase


    Yeah but you have to make it look shoddy to justify calling it DIY. You just organised a "Pirate HIM", really. Speaking of... when is it next year? I've got a calendar and everything.

    Bit earlier next year  12th & 13th April


  • OC, thank you, this thread has spurred me into investigating training camp options.

    I'm a little concerned that early season weather and my lackadaisical approach to training when the days are mostly dark, may leave me a little short for a training camp in March but failing a good alternative in April / May I may take you up on your offer or indeed join you at Everyday Training camp.

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