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Hi after some views really. I ran Birchwood 10K on sunday, had emailed the organisers as my pack hadn't arrived and my name wasn't on the race entry list. I received no email back but my entry arrived two days later. On the day I ran and when I looked on the website my result was not posted. After contacting the organisers they said I had reported the entry missing and they had put a replacement entry for me to pick up on the day (was oblivious to this due to lack of email from organisers to tell me this) Cut a long story short they are saying the entry was lost in the post but my number and chip has my time on it which incidentally is the fastest in FV45 category, have emailed the chairman to ask him to rectify the situation and correct the website but still waiting.......image I realise the job of the organiser is voluntary and they may be busy, should I just let it go? 


  • You are entitled to get it corrected. 

    Why not leave it a week and contact them again?

  • If they have chip timed it, then they'll have a floating chip time they can't associate anywhere - it becomes pretty easy to reconcile if you still have your race number too. Take a photo of you with the race number.

    Like Screamapillar says, give it a week. Chances are you aren't the only timing query and the organiser is being pounded by people with queries!

  • or could it be

    post lost in entry

  • Cheers for views, will leave it a week and see if it is corrected

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I think a lot of people involved in race organisation just switch off for a few days after the race itself in sheer relief so it might be just that.

    The website does say to email if you have a query, and the final results aren't out, so there's every chance your problem will be resolved.

    i know a couple of people who would take the view that your first entry was void and you didn't run on your new number, so tough, but they aren't in that club image


  • Cheers for advice you were right, all it needed was time. Name has been put on results and hopefully my prize may be in the post!imageimage

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