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Got a pair of New Balance trail shoes, not sure the model, they say 710 on the side but thats it, real comfy, no blisters from marathons, pretty pleased with them but when it gets really wet mud and steep wet rock i slip about a bit. I only want to spend say £50/60 but I want to stay on my feet. Any recomendations for proper good grippers?



  • Inov8 X-talon 212's, I think these are the only Inov8's where the uppers last longer than the soles. You'll get 500 miles out of them on mixed terrain and they won't let you slip. They don't particularly like a really wide foot though. Original colorway can be had for ~£60 at Wiggle (not sure of other outlets).

    Not quite as well thought out as the X-Talons but the La Sportiva XC are also pretty grippy at Pete Bland was knocking these out for 2 pairs for £70. Don't expect more than 300-400 miles out of them before the uppers ear themselves.

    Both suggestions may be overkill for what your after but both mark well as multi terrain shoes and I'd rather risk wearing the sole rather than picking up an injury.

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    What about salomon speedcross? And adidas kanadia seem to come up a bit. Reviews for those inov8s are good mind..


  • Kanadias do seem good on mud and are cheap.
  • I have some kanadias and they're not my favourite shoes but do indeed work well on mud (and ice in winter) so are definitely worth the £30 or so.

  • I can't get on with Salomon Speedcross; I find them too high, too narrow, too unstable, too heavy, and pants in mud.

    I'd be concerned about how well the Kanadias drain/dry after boggy crossing. But for £30 I'd be tempted. 

  • Innov8 Mudclaws are the best ones I've found so far but they are way outside your £60 bracket.

  • I'd go for inov8's too

  • kanadias are rubbish on wet rock great in mud

  •  Best in mud has to be the Mudclaw but Inov-8s tend to be expensive unless you can  get end of line/ sale stuff.

    Mizuno Wave Harrier are a pretty good compomise - I used to use them a lot and should be in budget too if you shop around.

  • I like La Sportiva crosslites, again good deals at Pete Bland Sports

  • I see that Sportsshoes are offering the Brooks Cascadia 7 for £49. As I want a pair of trail shoes but don´t want to spend too much I am tempted. Are they any good?

  • I'm another fan of the wave harrier. i had some brooks trailers and wasn't impressed. Expensive, heavy and didn't grip well. 

  • Exactly what Pete S says.......

  • Cheers Richard! image

    Have you or anyone else tried out the La Sportiva Crosslites? Some going cheap at Pete Bland recently (due to a minor cosmetic fault) and was quite tempted. They look quite robust but tried a pair on and they felt quite stiff in comparison to my Inov-8s. Not sure if they would loosen up or whether the extra stiffness may be benificial in some scenarios (steep climbs, contouring etc.)

  • touie2 wrote (see)

    I like La Sportiva crosslites, again good deals at Pete Bland Sports

    Sorry didn't see thisimage.

    Can you offer any advice regarding my previous post?

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