Garmin 910 - Is it worth it ?

My Garmin has died, out of warranty and I'm missing it already on runs & rides.

Looking to do the double next year ironman70.3 and ironmanUK Bolton, any one with a 910 is it worth it over a basic Garmin for training  Considering I'll be in the pool and on the road a lot This winter ? 

i like the Garmin Connect format And familiar with it so would like to stay with Garmin Would also look at adding a creed/ cadence accessory.

Users do you love the 910? What are its bad points ? 


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    910 is great as it records swims pool and OW. With garmin connect it shows everything you do.

    Get the cadence/speed sensor for the bike, so when you turbo in the winter you have feedback on how you are doing.

  • Thanks - just wanted some 910 user feedback rather than just the Garmin sales stuff ! 

  • What puts me off is the number of threads you see about them failing. I've not bothered with garmins yet and I cant see myself going with them until they can make them last a bit longer.
  • Got my 5th one this week! They've all been replaced under warranty - this one was a bit of a fight as the warranty expired in March. 

    All have failed in the same way - the barometric altitude stops working. 

    When they work they are great. But too much of the time they don't work and Garmin Customer Service is rubbish (46 mins on hold). 

    I've also since bought a 310 (at a good price) just to use when the 910 isn't working. 

  • Red Stripe wrote (see)

    Thanks - just wanted some 910 user feedback rather than just the Garmin sales stuff ! 

    What a lovely way to thank someone who took the time to respond to your question


  • My Garmin 405 has been replaced three times.

    Seems a lucky dip but when they work are great.

    now I in ironman UK think it will be on the Christmas list.

  • I can't think of anything I've replaced that much.

    Imagine if they could actually get them not to break in the first place ?
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