Say hi to the next runner you pass in the street.



  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    When I run in the morning I say Hi to everyone I see, other runners, dog walkers etc and normally get a hello/morning back.When I run in the afternoon/evening I only greet other runners as there are far too many people to greet otherwise. In the evening I end up swearing, more or less, quietly at ignorant people who see me coming but still can't make any space for me. Do they think I just disappear or grow a set of wings?
  • aren't you used to ignorant people by now Jindaleeimage

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    lol you would think so Seren, wouldn't youimage but no, still getting annoyed with them, last time was tonight when I said "excuse me" twice and I was still being ignored.
  • I always nod or try to say morning....usually comes out as more of a "mrrrfphng".

  • i run in the morning and usually get a good response from everyone i meet I

  • I always say a quick ,hi,hello or nod to all runners and anyone if i,m in the countryside,    I am from North Staffs and when we had a new member from down south,he said how surprised he was that everyone spoke,said wasnt done down south (sure someo ne will put me srraight on that !!)   Went Rhodes on my hols and it was 50/50 answering me 


  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭

    Where I used to live (Leamington), the runners were really friendly. Almost always got a hello, nod or smile from other runners. I'm now down on the outskirts of London and I think I've only ever seen a couple of people nod or smile.

  • I greet all runners, some are miserable and ignore me but most respond positively.  Bristol and surrounding area are supposed to be quite friendly though.

  • Dachs wrote (see)

    I make eye contact and nod.

    If they respond, I'll assume that we are now firm running buddies, and accompany them for the rest of their run, step for step, matching every surge and slow-down, chatting the whole way round and periodically trying to get a sing-song going.  Once the run is finished, I will let myself into their house, help myself to whatever's in the fridge, and then sleep with their wife/husband/eldery relative.

    If they don't respond I do the same thing.

    As it appears, judging by his club top, I live near Dachs, I've decided to give up running image

  • I love smiling and getting a response especially if I am in my Macmillan vest.. Sometimes people beep and I think it is encouraging! It gives you a push to keep going! I am ready for the GNR on Sunday! Good luck to anyone running it!
  • i run canal tow paths mostly, canal people (dog walkers, runners but mostly those who live on narrow boats) are the friendliest people around i think. 

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