Beachyhead marathon



  • I think you can just park on the side of the road. Plenty of spaces at that time of the morning. You can reccy it when you register on the evening before. 

  • If you get there reasonably early you can park very close to the start all day for free.

  • Thanks CelticRunner. That's good to know.

  • I'm in! Looking forward to it (sort of..!)


    it will be weird eating sausage rolls and drinking coffee instead of water and gels but am definitely willing to give it a bash! So if I end up walking most of it that will be my reason!


    found a very cheap room on late rooms too - thought it would be largely sold out but thankfully still seems a lot of availability near the end of the race.

  • mordomordo ✭✭✭

    Crocodile, walking is perfectly acceptable and in fact if you run certain hills you might hear people whispering psycho as you go past so get comfortable as you'll never walk alone - I am not a Liverpool fan mind you

  • Walking is definitely acceptable - just hoping I don't have to (although can almost guarantee I will!). Looking at the elevation profile makes me think walking it is a big enough challenge!


    And nor am I a Liverpool fan (thank god!) either but if I do walk will be grateful of some company!

  • hi there , entered as well ive done brighton twice and budapest marthon before so guess looking forward to this different type , my running buddy looks like he wont be able to make it now so shame

    but can anyone tell me what sort drinks they give out on course and are they in them silly plastic cups or in bottles , cheers and see ya all in few weeks , i be wearing me budapest marathon t shirt weather permitting image

  • Drinks are in plastic cups and are water at all and tea or coffee at some. also the food ranges from biscuits, banana to sausage rolls and fruit cake.

  • I have a spare place available for transfer if anyone wants in?

    Has to be done by 13 Oct at latest according to website.

  • With the roads through Jevington and Littlington being closed, and apart from the 7 sisters park in the last 7 miles, where are good places for friends to follow round and watch/cheer/heckle? It seems that the other checkpoints are not easy to get to.


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