I need to start slower

Apart from the obvious look at the time and slow down, I need to some tips don how to slow down in the early parts of a run.  


I have just returned from injury and have changed my stylfood running to landing on the ball of my foot.  This has had the knock on effect of making me faster overall which is great however I have a habit now of taking that too far at the beginning and destroying my energy for the second half of the run.


any ideas would be great


  • That's great thanks, I'll try the nose thing first, never realised that would work will give it a go tomorrow!

  • If you have a clearly defined session then you will either succeed with the session or fail. Success includes executing the Warm Up and Cool Down correctly. Judge the success for yourself when you get back, and document it. Executing a session correctly is more important than grinding out quick miles

    Easy running is a really important part of your weekly mileage. It is made up from Easy runs, but also from the start and end of quality sessions. Just read texts such as Daniel's Running Formula to understand why.

    Yesterday was a Threshold Session for me. The goal was 15 mins w/up, 30mins Threshold, 15 mins cool down. Paces came out at 7:50min/m w/up, 5:58 min/m Threshold, 8:00 ish cool down.

    I gave myself a tick for that session - I class it as a failiure if I overdid the warm up.

    Same thing with easy runs, long runs, marathon pace runs, recovery runs etc. Be clear on what you want out of the session, otherwise you won't be on it and pace will drift.

  • If you have a smartphone, get a running/training app with vocal feedback.

    I use endomondo and I've set it to tell me my laptimes, with my "Laps" set to be half mile intervals.

    So everytime I hit a half mile it tells me how quick I did it. Then if I am quicker/slower I can adjust accordingly to hit my target pace.

    If you want to be really strict on it you can get it to tell you every 0.1 miles!

    Of course, you'll need to work out your own target times and do some quick mental aritmetic but it gives the mind something to focus on while your body is putting the effort in image

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