Best place to buy a website domain and hosting ?

Mrs C wants her own website for her Pilates business - anybody any experience of buying a domain and having a website hosted ? It's going to be a pretty simple website - just a blurb about her and where her classes are. I don't think she needs all the bells and whistles. Thanks.


  • May as well find somewhere that'll host a WordPress site on her own domain.

  • No recommendations but I have the same question!

  • I don't know anything about websites, but Wordpress is the name I hear bandied around.

  • Dyn are pretty good IF you can write the site yourself.

  • Cougs, you might want to try kicking the tyres on you can setup a trial website for 14 days for free.

  • Cheers chaps !
  • I user 5QuidHost for my hosting (they also do a free version too) and they've been great so far.

    For domain names I use who have also been pretty good, but for domain names I would take a look around as different ones often have differnt offers on for various URL's.


  • Siteground.

    Great value, great features, all in one service including domains. Good support too.

  • Make sure you can transfer the domain name if required to another hosting company. Many budget hosting companies tie you to their webspace by charging a premium to transfer (and generally making it difficult) are not the cheapest but offer a good service

  • We use Tumblr for our running club site. It's free and fairly user friendly. 

  • Thanks everyone - I shall investigate over the weekend.
  • Check out Wix.. if I can do it, anyone can !image

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