Nike Storm Fit Jackets

I got a storm fit jacket for £48.99 in the Nike Shop. well worth a look as they are originally £100.

for those who aren't sure what Storm fit is... It's Gore Tex


  • Oooh - Nike outlet near me. I might have to have a look. Will it make me invulnerable to bad weather, and therefore able to run all winter ? Or will I look out the window and decide that it's cosier in front of the telly. Hmmmm.
  • Well... I love new kit... Won't run in it cos it's that beautiful!
  • It's sounding better all the time then !
    It will look cool whilst watching Casualty on TV, and being Goretex - won't let me get all sweaty. Everyone wins !
  • hey hey!

    whats happened to your picture?
  • Blurred for safety reasons !! Can't afford to be identified (as spending too much time here !)
  • Know what you mean, Cougie. I put the tongue in for the same reason!
  • Hee hee hee !
  • My forum Piccy isn't actually me! I cunningly used it as a disguise. My boss'll never know!
  • But he looks identical to you ! Are you sure about this ?

    I think I look like a dodgy criminal type piccy now - I'll have to get another one sorted. Now where are my soft toys ?
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