Clothing for GNR 2013

I am running the Great North Run for the first time this year, also my first half marathon. I have maybe an odd question but given that you can't tell what the weather may be like on the day, I am considering a light waterproof jacket. My question is if I wear that I'll surely have to put my race number etc on the jacket, which is fine but I am likely to get hot and take off!! Any advice? Shall I just avoid the jacket and grin and bear it. I'm getting in a bit of a panic over my clothing and want to do some training in all weather gear in preparation for the big day. Any help for Half Marathon novice would be great .... 


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Are you using the jacket to keep warm at the start?  You probably will get hot and take it off so put your number on your vest/t-shirt underneath.  

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Pin your number to your t shirt and wear an old top or a bin-bag whilst waiting at the start. You can then dump it as soon as you get going.
  • Thank you both. Thought I would need a jacket if it was really wet and then worried about if I needed to take off halfway through where I would put my race number ... 

  • Debbie, sage advice above image I recently did my first HM and had the same worries - ended up in a running vest and the rain was a blessing. Just make sure you have warm clothes to change into afterwards, that's much more important.

  • Brilliant thank you, will do just that image

  • Get a number belt. You can wear what you like then. 

  • Number belt is perfect. And don't race in a jacket. You will be too hot.
  • Hi there Im a first time GNR runner this year too, do you know if there are runners world pacers as in London Marathon. What tume r u hoping for Debbie ??

  • You shouldn't need a jacket unless the weather is going to be really horrific, buy a really cheap water/windproof cagoul (or bin liner) or jumper for the start and discard it just before the gun.  The last run (10K) I ran in a waterproof jacket was 0 C (-4 windchill) rain/sleet and I ended up ripping my number off to undo it and tie round my waist as it got too hot.. not doing that again.  So unless you likely to be walking lots of it and the weather is terrible its a bad idea imo.

  • This my first GNR and I'll be driving up from Hull on the morning of the run with my wife who'll be spectating. My run start time is 10:40am, can anyone recommend where I would be best to park? Should we both drive into Newcastle, park there and then my wife get metro to finish line to meet me then we both go back to Newcastle to the car?

  • I find driving to the finish is best (car is ready with all your stuff after the finish).  Prob need to get there early mind, around 8am ish (I usually get there 7.30am) huge car park on the sea front grassy area - get the bus they lay on to the start for about £3 ish.  Lots of hanging around at the start this way though - but I'd rather finish, and be back on the coast road south by lunchtime.  My family usually hang around at the finish all morning, see that start on a big screen - great to see the elites coming in around the hour mark (unlikely to make it if you watch the start then travel to the finish), food available - good atmosphere.

  • I had been planning to take a picnic for after as it is my running partners 40th birthday that day, now the weather is forecast for rain, I am wondering if there would be anywhere we could set up under shelter at the finish or if we should cancel the picnic and just get food there, does anyone know what the set up is or what food will be available at the end?


  • hehe. I'm sorry but after reading that last post.  I'm imagining Sam sitting neatly setting up an awning, and a nice little picnic table 5 yards past the finish line. Sipping away at some champagne celebrating OH's 40th....

    Oblivious of the other 54,999 runners that might want a bit of food etc... themselves......

  • I am far from oblivious lol, if the weather holds I will be feeding at least a dozen of them between running buddies and running club members, if I had an awning that wouldn't be a half bad plan image if you run past my checky blanket booktrunk feel free to grap a sarnieimage

  • image if I was there I would image 

    my race is next weekend. I'm at the chewing my fingernails stage. image

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