Long trainers for women

Hi there. I am trying to find trainers for women with long narrow feet. I'm an overpronater and went to Sweatshop to find the perfect trainer only to come away disappointed as the women's shoes were all too short and the men's trainers were too wide. I had looked at the asics gt 1000/2000 and would settle for the men's if I find nothing else although there is lots of room for sideways movement at the top of my foot. all the women's shoes only went to size 9 which I though I was but my ties were jammed up to the end. I run on roads for about 15-20 miles a week. . I would appreciate it if anyone cann recommend something for longer narrow feet. Thanks.


  • I would go for the correct size in mens shoes in a B width and then use an insole

  • EllieJEllieJ ✭✭✭

    Hi, have you looked at Mizuno shoes? They have narrow sizes, and I think larger than a UK 9.

  • Thanks. I'll go and have and see if the mizuno men's shoes are any narrower. My main concern is that my big toenail fell off last year due to loose trainers and they were from Sweatshop too! ( sorry - probably too much info there).

  • EllieJEllieJ ✭✭✭

    Mizuno womens I mean. Good luck, hope you find a pair that suits you.

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