Old but good. Has been turning itself off during training and more recently has been turning itself off after just a few seconds and then the power button has been slow to respond.

Anyone else had this issue, is it repairable and is it worth it?


  • Tried a full reset? 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'd try resetting it and if it doesn't work contact garmin. Mine did something similar but after a hard reset it seemed to work Fine.

  • For a hard reset all you need to do is put one finger up your bottom, the other in your belly button and hold for 8 seconds. 

  • I've tried the hard reset - also on the Garmin - and nothing. I might open it up and look at the battery terminals. Seems to be a known fault and might be a fix. Though a freind has the garmin that does outdoor and indoor swimming, so I now have GPS-envy.

  • I have fixed it. With the help of this link, a sharp knife and 5 minutes, I now have a perfectly working Garmin 305. Nice. Along the way I've also found that it's possible to replace a degraded battery with any lith-ion battery that'll fit in the space, taken from an old mobile phone. Apparently they're all 3.7 v, they have to be.

  • Useful post - thanks guys. My Forerunner had started switching off mid long run - very annoying - but hopefully the hard reset will do the trick.


  • there are tywo Garmin resets for the forerunner 305, this video will show you how to carry out a soft reset or a hard reset, I've owned one for years and they are bullet proof,

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