IronMan Copenhagen 2014

Looks a hoot.  Entry opens tomorrow at noon CET.  I'll (hopefully) be in.  Anyone else?



  • Probably me.

    Waiting on a race report from my friend who just did it, but it'll be Copenhagen or Switzerland (which I had to withdraw from this year).

  • I do believe The Admiral is racing so you best make sure your pirate kit is pressed and clean   image

  • Yep Think the Admiral is trying to round up some of my club mates to join him 

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    I do believe The Admiral is racing so you best make sure your pirate kit is pressed and clean   image

    image I might even unwrap a new monaco especially.  I already have his old wetsuit but it seems to have lost a bit of pace.

  • I'm booking in for this one. Hope the weather's a bit better than yesterdayimage

  • Should I start a list? 



  • I quite fancy this, but the warning about punctures along with the 15 hour cut off puts me off. The race guide says to use solid tyres - I didnt know these existed ...?

  • 15 hour cut offimage OMG better get training

    Why solid tyres and yes, what are they? Where does it say that. Read lots about it but didnt see that. Presume on the bike course bit,

  • Having just had a quick look it's 16 hours for the women. For age groupers you start at 7.05am -sorry men, but it's women first- so no mass start, quite niceimage very generous swim times. Everyone out of water by 10.25 (3h20 swim) finish bike by 17.30 (7h35 bike) and 5h 30 marathon which I probably won't doimage but I won't take 3 and half hours to swim!!

    Read abou the flint stones and solid tyres - don't know what that's about.

    Britrisky - I know you had really bad luck at Outlaw with punctures but I'm sure you;ve looked at your tyres and any problems and I'm sure you won't have same problem image

  • These seem to be the solid tyre people.

  • Fint on the road = a nice pair of Gatorskins.  That said, if you do flat getting them off and on again is a real pain in the backside.

    Anyway.  Flats aside it looks a cracking fast course and I'm all set to spend my cash in a few hours time.

  • SS - yes, my mistake, it's 16, not 15 hours - I'm seriously tempted, I bet Copenhagen's lovely ...

    interested in these tyres, mind ... Will start a thread ...

  • I'm in. Cash handed over. 

    I've read a few reports on the race over the past few years and there doesn't seem to be a overarching view of fint based tyre Armageddon.  I figure parts of the course out in the countryside will have a risk of flint being washed off the fields and onto the roads although I'm not going to unduly sweat about it.  I have that to deal with round my neck of the woods and fingers crossed, I seem to flat about once or twice a year.

    Anyway. I'll begin the training by having a beery family BBQ.

  • Pop-Up Schmunks - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    If you want pirate kit for this this, you need to get your name on the current kit order thread here.

    Please take the time to read the first page as that is where you will find the answers to most of the general questions



  • After months lurking on here, I guess this is a good place to make my first nervous post!

    I'm in for this one for my first IM. Local for me, I live just over the bridge from Copenhagen in Sweden! 

  • Woo hoo. I'm in tooimage

  • I'm in image . 

    Starting my training by watching cycling on TV image .


  • Looks like its full ... 'Registration closed'

  • wow thats amazing.

    This years event never showed as having sold out.

    Britrisky - did you get in or decide not to or are you p....d off its closed so quick

  • The last one ... I'm too indecisive for this game!! 

    The trouble is I can't predict my availability next summer because I'm considering trying out for an army PTI course which may be in August ... But I might not make the grade ... Or might not get a place on an over-subscribed course ... 

    Too many unknowns!!!

    maybe I should just stuff the PTI idea and so Outlaw again ... image

  • Sorry to hear that Brit - Outlaw or perhaps Wales?

    So then thus far we have:

    • Me
    • VT'd
    • The Admiral (TBC)
    • Southern Snail
    • KatieLee

    Anyone else lurking out there?

  • It would seem so - nearly completed registration for Sweden, and then that sold out whilst I was having my tea!!!

    The only contender left is Switzerland, but those hills would kill me ...

    Outlaw it is, then, I guess

    You guys can report back and then maybe I'll do it next year!

  • There's far too many idiots in this world doing ironmanimage

    Good luck Brit - Outlaw opening next week? Get in there quick if you decide to do it.

    Edit to say Outlaw opening today apparently

  • Far too many idiots.  That's kind of what my wife said to me last night too!

  • Outlaw is already half sold out.

  • Paid my Outlaw fee seconds before Nirvana emailed back to say I can get a IM Copenhagen slot through them!! Ah well!!

  • That's a shame Brit. But as you know, you'll enjoy(?) outaw 

  • All us idiots are going to have a blast!!

  • Anybody still around who's doing this one. What sort of triathlon license do I need. Not a member of any club which british triathlon wants me to put down.

    Not sure what to do

  • SSnail - you don't need to be a club member to join BTF though it's slightly cheaper if you are.

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