Sequins at the ready!

It feels vaguely autumnal today... which must mean Strictly is back soon! 

I've not heard any dates yet, but they've announced the new professionals which means it can't be long! Or am I too keen to get out the disco ball? image



  • Goodness .. that means we have started the countdown to Christmas !

  • I was just commenting on this earlier today image

  • Now even I would say it's too soon to start the Christmas thread image

    Although I have started making Christmas presents image

  • I've just wrapped up the first Christmas presents. My wife called me a choice name. It's bizarre really, because I usually do it on the 24th of December.

    As for the dancing, I can't be arsed watching until the dogs are booted out.

  • Christmas already  - nooooo! What are you on about, it's still summer! I've decided I'm not having any winter this year.

  • Oh blimey. Easter eggs will be in the shops soon! 

  • I see Vanessa Feltz is the first one announced - please don't let me get her in the sweep at work as she annoys the hell out of me image

  • sophie ellis bextor.......on the dancefloor! image

  • First show Sat 7 Sept image

  • Oooh I saw the matrix stylee ident last night...Jet & Becky Adlington rumoured?

    We're away for a while in September/October but I shall be recording.

  • Going anywhere nice Mrs F? image

    'Red carpet' show broadcast on Wed 4th

  • Oooooh ... sounding interesting already

    Away Mrs F ??  You never said   image

  • I know, I've managed to be very secretive about it. Ahem.  image

    Tonight on The One Show they are revealing the first boy celeb. Susanna Reid has been confirmed too, I like her (I've met her a couple of times running with a group in RP).

  • Is it that time already? Blimey, better get my sequins out then.

    Just read on digital spy that Rebecca Adlington was turned down. 

    Vanessa Feltz is going to annoy the hell out of me. I hope she doesn't get Brendon cos she'll drive him nuts too, she never stops talking.  The Hairy Biker bloke might be good fun though. 

    And is it true there is no Vincent this year either? 

  • So far announced on The One Show:

    Abbey Clancy, Sophie Ellis-Bexter, Ben Cohen, Patrick Robinson...obviously Vanessa Feltz and Tony Jacklyn already announced.

    I'll be back in a bit with the rest...

  • Next 5 are:

    Rachel Riley, Julien McDonald, Natalie Gumede, Mark Benton, Deborah Meaden.

  • Who will guest on ITT when Julien doesn't to count the bugle beads? How traumatising.

  • Final 4 are:

    Fiona Fullerton, Ashley Taylor-Dawson, Susanna Reid (we knew that), Dave Myers.


  • I dont recognise half of those names!

  • Recognize four names but only actually know who two of them are image

  • I take it Brucie is still presenting?

    I'll be recording it and fast-forwarding through the bits where he tells "jokes".

  • Yep Brucie is still there. Didn;t recognise all of the names (i.e. none of the soap stars) but did know a few others. Though Tony Jacklin must be late sixties if not early 70s and indeed he is 69!  However it doesn;t really matter, let's see how they get on.

    No Flavia and Vincent this year nor Erin. Apparently Aliona is back though, having been dropped as Natalie has broken her foot.

  • I recognise seven of the names, but don't think I'd recognise most of them if I passed them in the street!


  • I know hardly any of the names! That won't last though, being on Strictly at least makes these 'unknowns' into household names. Interesting to see if Dave can dance as well as cook!

  • And once again there is controversy that one contestant has already had previous dance training. Can't remember which one though cos I don't know half of them either. 

    Oh dear, Bruce again. 

  • Oh dear, Bruce

    My money's on Ben Cohen cos I'm a fan.  

    I'm probably shooting my own application in the foot, but if you want tickets you need to apply here by Friday

  • Wouldn;t like to comment on any of them until we have seen them dance first time. I thought Victoira Pendleton would be reasonable last year but she just wasn't. You can never be sure.

  • ddn't watch it last night, but will catch up on catch up later image

    Like most others, don't know most of them, but it looks like some nice eye candy to pass the autumn evenings image

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