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  • Yeah, Dave Myers should probably be the first, but I think it will be Tony Jacklin. Probably not too many golf fans among the SCD viewers.

    I liked Susanna Reid, she looked good and will be popular.

    As a rugby fan I hope that Ben Cohen will do well, but I fear that CRH's comparison to a breeze-block was accurate. The hunk factor, his popularity amongst the gay community and sympathy for his hearing impairment will carry him, but not very far.

  • Hi, just caught up with things. 

    Vanessa annoyed me even more than I thought she would - please let her be out too.  Tony not going to last long either I don't think. Dave could ride the comedy wave for a few weeks perhaps.

    Susanna was good. Can't remember all the names yet, but there were some good performances for a first week. 

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Julien Macdonald's post dance performance did make me wonder if he hadn't been snorting a bit too much glitter backstage.
  • Sir Not Dead doesn't get any better, does he?

    His reading jokes from the autocue and then explaining them was even more painful. And he seemed to think that Susanna's Breakfast co-presenter is Bill Tufnell.

  • yeo wrote (see)

    Sir Not Dead doesn't get any better, does he?

    Strictly would be unwatchable if I couldn't fast-forward through that shite.

  • oooh didn't realise we had a thread image I need to catch up saw Saturday but not Friday - hairy biker was terrible but very entertaining!

  • Dave Myers is poor but a good laugh and will get early votes.

    Julien MacDonald to go please, he is so bloomin' annoying and over the top.

    Ben Cohen was very stiff but suspect will do a lot better at Ballroom that Latin. We'll see. Definitely better now that you get two weeks before the first vote and therefore have to do a Latin and a ballroom.

    Susanna Reid's Jive was pretty good. Difficult dance first week up. The Corrie girl looked good but was going to be a dancer when she was younger and actually given that I thought she might be better than she actually was. She did somewhat mess up the cartwheel but luckily was intending to end up on the sofa anyway, otherwise she coiuld have been sat on the floor! 

    Tony Jacklin is probably going to score a hole and out in one. His dance wasn't brilliant and a Latin for him won't be any better I doubt.

    All in all no total disasters for week one, although some are going to struggle.

  • Just read back and see that I am not the only one that finds Julian annoying !

    Did mean to say it was good to see Strictly in its standard Satruday tea-time slot but why did they put in on at 9pm on Friday,

    It is a family show and that was just too late.

    Also why do they call Strictly a reality show? It is light entertainment for a Saturday evening but with the advantage that the celebs actually have to put some work in and take criticism.

    Still think Myers will last a few weeks, Darcey was almost rolling on the floor after his dance. Fair enough to get by on entertainment value for a few weeks when other poor dancers are going out so long as he doesn't last beyond the point where the good ones start going.

  • Hello all, but late to the thread but we are across in US again so I can only watch it on iplayer and I had trouble downloading Sat's episode.

    It's sooo good to have it back again.  I'm unsure who my fave is at the moment, liked Susanna and Sophie, Natalie may suffer from the 'ringah' of this series, too good to start with I think.

    Wanted to dislike Abbey but actualy thought her dance was fab and she came across quite well afterwards.  Rachel was better than I thought after the launch show, think Latin will show up her faults though.  Hairy Biker was hilarious and will survive on that for a few weeks.  Ben was very wooden but will last a while yet and may have a 'j' word!  Patrick good too, as was Deborah.  In fact I pretty much liked everybody except ... Julien ... the sooner he goes the better, in fact reading DS, he will beat Tony out at this rate!

    ITT back tonight - in fact I guess it is on right now!  I'll download it and watch it tonight image

  • I didn't think it was possible to find Julien any more annoying but seeing him squealing to be lifted by Ben Cohen in the behind-the-scenes bit on ITT yesterday took it to a whole new level image

  • Yes, he's really annoying, hope he gets voted out quickly. Unfortunately I'm going to miss this coming weekend.

  • Ok so I am definitely not the only one that finds Juliien annoying..

    not sure how the demographics will do for the erly voting. Not really all on dance ability the first few weeks and actually that is right because people need to be given a chance to improve so does come down a bit to who people like. The trouble us you AREN'T voting people out but voting to keep them in and that spreads the votes around.  People  at the bottom like Dave Myers will need votes and get them.  It is the old strictly scenario. Those in the middle are most at risk. 

    Also i think less people tend  to vote early on, partly for that reason that they might not have a strong opinion yet. Certainly if I vote it is usually once the show gets serious..

    Are they doing bottom two dance off this year and is it judges choice? I haven't really check the fomat out

  • There is free online voting this year which might change things. I don't normally vote but I might be tempted to try it.


    I think the dance-off will still be between the bottom 2 and the judges will choose who goes. It was like this last year and I don't think there were any shock exits?

  • watched ITT last night. that new dancer, the bloke from grimsby, was great. he's my new favourite.

    for no particular reason I seem to be rooting for Ash and Deborah.


  • Hello folks

    Glad to see the same "old" faces back for another season of glitz and glam image

    Terribly busy at work currently plus some home stuff but will endeavour to catch up with the thread tomorrow and see who we're favouring currently............

    ..........I already know who's annoying me intensely and it's not one of the obvious ones I'd say!!

    Laters all - I'll be back image

  • Oh no! No Brucie!

    That'll save wear and tear on the fast forward button

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    The BBC said: ???Sir Bruce Forsyth has the flu and therefore isn't feeling well enough to present tomorrow's Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1. The show looks forward to his return next week.??? Flu at 85 and he'll be back next week? I had proper flu in my 20's and spent a week in bed eating digestives and hallucinating (don't know what was in those biscuits).
  • If Tony and Dave end up in the bottom two it's a little unfair that Tony's more physically demanding charleston will be up against Dave's American smooth.

  • WOW!!! A 9 from Craig - and across the board image

  • Evening.  Just caught up. Love Claudia - can we keep her every week?

    Highlight of the night was that fab charleston. 

    Tony or Dave must be most likely for the bottom 2 though Trogs. I don't mind which one goes. 

    I'm loving the new pro from Grimsby. 

  • Some very interesting scoring tonight image

    However those who are scoring well now should be a little worried.......after all where can they go from here?

    I too felt sorry for Tony Jacklin - the Charleston is tiring enough for fit young things let alone a 69 year old with a few pounds too many!

    Abby annoyed me.........again..............

    Glad to see Claudia in place of Sir Brucie, although he doesn't annoy me as much as he does others on here!  Which is unusual as I am usually rather intolerant and easily irritated image  however I do like Claudia and still wish she was back doing ITT as I just can't warm to Zoe........particularly her "throw herself and simper all over Ian" segment each week which just makes me cringe!

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    This season my Strictly crushes seem to be Natalie Gumede, Hairy Biker Dave's dance partner Karen, and a little bit for Susanna Reid.

    Sophie Ellis-Bexter was great this week. I'd imagined she'd be a bit limp and goofy in her movement, but nothing like it.
  • i don't think claudia is wearing any shoes tonight

  • im fond of deborah...and ellis bextor was brilliant.

    i actually quite like the bloke off hollyoaks.

    like others I felt it was a rubbish group of celebs but its amazing how quickly you forget who they were or might have been. they just become contestants.

  • Right result I reckon, poor Tony really cannot dance. But I don't think Julian's all that good either.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Ok, I take back my earlier comment - Julian is intensely irritating, and Rachel mildly so.

    Sophie Smelly Backside was fab-u-lous.  Despite expecting otherwise I'm liking Deborah (hasn't she lost a lot of weight already?) and Mark (ditto).

    Abby is taking it far too seriously (looked like she'd been sucking lemons after messing up a bit) so will probably annoy me.  Vanessa - jury's out - she's teetering on the balance of annoying/slightly endearing.


    Felt sorry for Tony - wrong dance for week 2 - but he wouldn't have lasted too long regardless.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Oh, and Aljaz may take over from James as my professional crush. image

  • He's already mine!

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    He looks in quite good shape, IW.  Might have enough stamina so we can share image

  • I really enjoyed this week's dances. Sophie was brilliant, but the Charleston is my all time favourite dance image Either of the bottom two could have gone, as neither could dance. Julian will probably go next week unless he does something spectacult. Which I doubt...

    Ashley doesn't have any competition from the other guys, IMHO, so chances are it'll be a female champ this year. 

    Artem is still totally fab-u-lous, and I'm afraid I can't really comment on his partner's (I can't even think of her name!) dancing as I've only got eyes for him image image

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