Great South Run 2013

Only 9 weeks to go until one of my favourite races.  Hang the cost, don't want to miss it.

Who else doing it?



  • Me again! Will be my 7th time, first did it in 2003


    last 2 miles always the worst!

  • And the winner of this year's men's race will be the Green Fairy and the winner of the women's race will be Zoe Windsor!


    Looks like we are the only two entered image

  • Looks like it! 

    ran 11 miles today, not sure how many years I will keep running the gsr, but it is a local race for me last year i was in the white sesection, how many years have you done it? 



  • I reckon I must have run this at least seven times.  I used to live on the Isle of Wight so it was easy to get to.  Wore the costume last three times, I think, and it's great for banter with the crowds.  Am a slow runner so always in green wave, which is good as running number is colour co-ordinated with costume!image

  • Why? oh Why? oh Why? have Southern AGAIN decided to do engineering works on the London/Horsham/Barnham route on the day of the GSR? Buses replace trains between Horsham and Barnham, extending the journey time by well over an hour.  What a farce. AGAIN. And the GSR website goes on about not using cars in order to create a better carbon footprint!

    I shall now be driving down.

  • Looking forward to this.  First time was last year, so looking to better my time this year.

    I'm doing the double this year, Great North and Great South image


  • I ran the new forest half at the weekend and struggled with the hills!


    thank god this is flat!

    how is everyone's training going?

  • Just had a week off of training after the North. 

    Have to drag myself back out tonight.

    In theory having trained for a half then I should be in good shape, just keep up what I have been doing...

    Aiming for under 1H20 this year.  Last year was 1H29.

  • That's a good time, it gets so busy I am sure you end up running more to run round people, 

    last 2 miles always the worst, I shall be going over on the Saturday for my boy to run the mile there

  • I'm hooked after last year - loved it 

    might get to see u this year green fairy image 

  • Must remember the clocks go back the day before!

  • So is it just the four of us running still then?

  • Nope, my son, Runnerbeanz is running to.

  • This will be my first time running this event, any tips on what to expect from the course/race?

    It will come a week after running the Yorkshire Marathon (and the Steeples & Spires 26 Miler the week before that) so I'm not expecting a good time.

  • Very busy! You can get people often walking from the start! 

    Nice flat route, last 2 miles can sometimes be quite windy along the seafront, plenty of bands around the route,

    lots of spectators to give encouragement and great atmosphere

  • I'm entered too!  Looks like an excellent run but am not sure how I'm going to get down there on the day.  Sister used to live in Portsmouth so hoping she can recommend somewhere clever to park away from the crowds!

    Also not expecting a good time as am doing the Eden Project Marathon the week before, so I may be one of those walking bits of it!!  Think when i originally signed up for GSR a year ago I was hoping for a PB of under 1.38, then over the summer decided to do Eden, so a fast time at GSR is NOT going to happen so might pop myself at the back ;Op

  • Jack - get there early! Really Early.

    I've run it nearly every year for about 12 years so far, tried driving, trains, ferry (from Gosport). 

    So far, driving in really early (getting there before 8) seemed to work well, parking fairly close to the front (and toilets). Last year I managed to get there in perfect time to sit and read a book, amble over, watch the women start, back to the car to get myself sorted and then 2 mins walk to the starting gantry (orange wave). Perfect when the weather is rubbish - means you can stay in a warm car - last year was particularly cold.

    Trains (and ferry) all involve a 30 minute walk on arrival (no matter what stop you get off at), and no-where decent to get out of the rain if needed. The 30 minute walk back afterwards is painful. If you're getting any of the stops close to Portsmouth (within about an hour) you'll end up standing on the train.

    Driving in later or closer to the start time will no-doubt involve sitting in traffic all the way into Portsmouth (there's only a couple of routes in), certainly not ideal if you spend the morning 'over-hydrating' on water and lucozade - if you get what I mean. 

    So my recommendation is to drive, aim to arrive before half 8. Take a book and a flask of coffee

  • For those intending to travel by train don't forget to check for the engineering works that are ALWAYS carried out this weekend!  I know that trains between Horsham and Barnham will be replaced with buses, adding over an uncomfortable hour to travel time.

  • I'm running it this year, first time. I used to live in good old Pompey so really looking forward to trotting past my old haunts. 

    Am am staying with a friend near Albert road, how long would you give yourself to walk down to the start? Am planning to leave an hour before warm up to give myself time for my endless loo breaks and triple checks. 

  • Got my race number today, 

    white 9028

    cant believe its next week!

  • Me too. 

    I've been put in the Orange wave.  I think I'll start towards the back of it...

  • I'm in the Orange wave too but will start at the back I think.. Haven't been able to train as much as I wanted to image

  • My 1st year and it will be my longest run. I'm in the white waive and hoping to get  round in about 1:55 image

  • Afternoon all, my first year of running the GSR too!  I'm in the white wave, but can't remember the number off the top of my head. image

  • This is my first year running this, it'll also be the furthest I have ever run!!!!

    am really looking forward to it though and have signed up for the Gosport Half in November as well image

  • irezumi you will love gosport half, well organised and flat!

  • I hope so Zoe, I have a feeling I may have bitten off more than I an chew, but hey ho, failure is not an option.

  • I'm doing it this year for the second time (GSR in 2010 was the thing that gave me the "running bug", trained for it that year at the ripe old age of 47 having never run further than from the sofa to the fridge for chocolate and haven't stopped running sinceimage ) ! Son in law was diagnosed completely out of the blue with Diabetes type 1 back in the spring, so I'm raising a bit of cash for Diabetes UK by doing  what I fondly call "The Hat Trick"...this event , the Lordshill 10ml a week later then the Gosport HM  two weeks after that...seemed a good idea at the time I thought of it back in April/May...! Never done a HM before, so it could be interesting to say the and my bright ideas eh ?!?

  • This will be my 5th gosport half, marshalls are very good, course is flat and in the airfield there will be the gosport samba band! And you get a great goody bag sometimes with homemade cake! puts the GSR's bag to shame.

    This will be my 7th GSR, next year it is 25 years old, may do that next year and then call it a day, very suprised there are spaces left!

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