advice needed please

I have recently returned to running(slowly) after a long layoff, and have signed up for a 10 mile run in November. I am steadily building up my long runs an am up to 6 miles now, but my pace is quite slow. I can run 4 miles @ 10:50 miling, but long runs are 11:20 mpm. 

I want to be quicker and build my mileage up as well, do I press on with the long runs at a slow pace, or ditch them for more shorter quicker runs? Any advice greatly appreciated. 


  • Keep the long slow runs in once a week - definately made the most difference for me speed wise over the long run as the mileage and endurance built up.  Shorter faster ones in between to train all areas.  What you do depends on how many runs a week you can do, and what your current weekly mileage is.  I'm no expert but the advice on here is pretty good and I'm sure someone can give you more details with a bit more information from you.

  • long run once a week, no more than nine miles, nice and relaxed, don't burn yourself for the next month or so. Plenty of five miles, last couple of miles pushing yourself, really pushing on your final 250 metres. First couple of weeks in October 8/9 miles at pace but not flat out, make yourself work, then easy 7/8 miles as your long run. Keep the 5 miles up at pace until 10 days prior to the race. You will be dragged along by others and if you have pushed yourself to 8/9 miles, 10 will be a walk in the park.



  • Thanks for the advice guys, it has really given me some key things to focus on,  and a plan to help me towards my goal. 


  • Yup, good advice from Daeve and. Emilys Dad (though am not convinced about the 'walk in the park' bit lol).

    Good luck and remember the thrill of the race will help push you that bit harder/faster. I'm a slow runner and training for a Marathon in September averaging 11:45 min miles in training! I did a half a couple of weeks ago in 2:13 (10:10mm's).


  • Wow, Andi McGill 2, thats a big difference in your mm. Thats fantastic, you must feel truly inspired that all your training is paying off towards your September marathon, hope I can do something similar in November if i follow the advice I have been given. Good luck with your marathon, let us know how it goes.

  • Txs Northumberland and yup, target time was 2:20 in order to achieve a sub 5 hours for the Marathon so very pleased. heck a marathon is just twice the distance so easy peasy lol.

    I'm 'sort of' following the HADD (phase 1) training plan and just trying to keep my HR down though living in a hilly area it's not that easy but think the hills help - the half was actually pretty flat compared to a training run so thin that helped a fair bit.

  • The main aim is to finish. Don't worry about tim, I sstarted to run slow when I first started  running, about 10  minute mileage for 10k .  After 3 years I was doing was running 7 minutes  mileage  over 10 miles. so run finish .

  • Thanks, I feel really motivated to do thIs! 

    Andi McGill 2: what is the HADD training plan , I have a heart monitor, but must confess I don't really use it ( bottom of my sports bag) 

  • Northumberland, am still a relative newbie to HADDing (well, running as well), The HADD (phase1) plan is basically running with a low HR then building up speed as you build the miles and running faster with a lower HR. There are a couple of threads here and we just started a new one here

    Lots of people believe it's just slow running and whilst it is to start it can get brutal. The hardest part for many is finding your MAX HR (don't even think about using a calculation to work it out).

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