Knee Arthroscopy - Starting Back



I have had a knee arthroscopy and had some medial meniscus removed and a general clean out of my right knee.  That was 5 weeks ago (23rd July) and the knee is feeling much better.  the only pain that I get is when I use my muscles to push the knee towards the floor when it is straight.

I have been working in the gym for about two/three weeks on general strengthening of my legs, lots of squats/leg extensions etc and it is feeling pretty stable. 

I mainly play football and run but have decided to give football a miss for a few months till about December as we are having a baby beginning of Oct and also to get myself properly fit before playing again.


I am planning a 'test' run, probably a bit of walk/jog for a couple of miles on Sunday, my partner is not sure about this but I am desperate to get back doing something and the gym just isnt cutting it (plus I have a good few unwanted pounds to get rid of).  I was wondering what people think would be a good way to get back into it?  Im not sure how much I should do and how often, is it literally like starting from scratch?  Dont want to overdo it and perhaps reinjure but then again, I do want to start as soon as I can!


Thanks in advance for all your help and advice, Im sure there will have been plenty of you in the same situation. 


  • Hi David,

    I had a small bit removed from my medial meniscus on the 26th June this year.

    Over the last 18 months I have had 3 knee surgeries for ACL reconstruction, lateral bucket handle tear (on other knee) and the medial tear.

    Given that I feel like I've been in physio for 2 years now, I was more careful in my recovery physio this time- I am a sucker for jumping straight in the deep end.

    I was spinning after 4 weeks and joggin on a treadmill after 5. But I went on holiday 2 weeks post op and was walking through gorges with heavy currents and jagged rocks and felt fine.

    It's really up tp you and how you feel, but there is no point rushing in if you make it worse.

    If you can get to a gym with an elliptical machine (not a cross trainer), then give that a go- push your self and you'll burn a huge number of calories, and the leg motion is the closest you can get to running without impact.


    I went for the 'little and often' jogging approach, so maybe give that a try and ease yourself back in.

  • Hi Rosie,


    Thanks for the post.  I ended up going for my test run on Saturday so that is there was any ill effects they would hopefully wear off before work today.  That said, it felt great just running again.  I ended up doing 45 s jog to 15s walk. Felt fine and this morning I ended up doing 2 mins jog to about 20 walk.  Feeling pretty good although my knee wasnt feeling grerat first thing this morning though I am thinking that it might just be my age.  Il keep monitoring how I feel and will probably try another run Wednesday see how that goes, maybe even run the whole way.


    Looked at my Garmin and said I was doing between 10 and 10.30 minute miles and for once I didnt really care, I was just glad that my knee was holding up OK.

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