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Hi all,

I am a new runner, just started taking it seriously in May this year. My trainers are at least 9 years old and mainly used in the gym but think that it is time to hang up the oldies and get some fresh new ones.

I live in Dorset and wanted to know if anyone could recommend anywhere to buy new shooes and do you have any information about what to buy? I only run on the pavements at the moment but do hope, once I am a bit more confident, to run in some local races.

Thanks for your time


  • Depending on where you are in Dorset: Ironbridge Runner (in Exeter) may not be far away. Great shop

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Running free in Parkstone, Poole and Up and running in Bournemouth.

    Depending in where you live there is also a Sweatshop in Southsmpton and a couple of other shops in Eastleigh, chandlers ford and Salisbury.
  • Hi,

    thanks for your replies.

    I live in Weymouth and recall that I bought my last (very ancient) pair of shoes in Blandford Sports but this has apparently now closed. I think that Poole would be the closest to me so will try them first. Do you know if they do the Gait? test and do they charge for these tests?


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I dont know im afraid. The times I have used the shops I have known exactly what I wanted. It may be worth giving them a ring to find out all the details.
  • Hi Milly1,

    Running Free do gait analysis, not sure if they charge though.  Cost isn't mentioned on the website.

    I would recommend Runnign Free over Up and Running as they seem to have more stock/choice.

  • There is also in Yeovil.

    They do gait analysis as well but I'm not sure how wide their stock is when it comes to shoes.

  • Don't forget that you may need to book a gait analysis.

  • Can't go wrong with Running Free or Up and Running IMHO. If you want gait analysis then they won't charge you if you buy trainers from them. Agree the choice is better in Running Free, it's easier for you to get to and slightly better for parking - not by much though. However Simon at Up & Running will left you go for a run round the block in any shoes you fancy to road test them. This is invaluable to be honest, so much better  than going on the treadmill, then you can buy whatever feels the most comfy and not just what looks right on the swanky video analysis. 


  • Thank you all for your help and advice.I now have lots of new shops to visit.

    I have looked at all the websites and will try Running Free this weekend. Will give them a call today to get booked in for the test.

    Excited to get up and running with some shiny new ones!

  • Not tried the others, but Ironbridge Runner was fantastic when I last used it.

    Experience with TriUK has been a bit mixed - very happy with the ex-rental wetsuit I got from them , but I don't like the general atmosphere in there which gives off an air of "If you are not looking to spend 4 figures on a bike we're not really interested in you". Last time I was in they didn't have a great range of running shoes.

    As you are in Weymouth, are you aware of the Parkrun that started there today? It's a great way to cut your teeth in some "races". Officially not races but properly measured "timed runs" for free every Saturday at 9 am in Lodmoor Park. Did it this morning and it was great - really welcoming and beginner friendly - runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Checkout the parkrun website for more info if you need it.

  • Went to Running Free  in Poole, they seemed very professional, did the Gait analysis (only took 5 mins). Found some comfy trainers but when I got home located them on the internet 40.00 cheaper. Found them a bit expensive.

    Thanks exiled claret, I will look at the parkrun, just down the road from me so no excuse not to have a go.

  • Did you buy them in the shop or online?
  • Consider it £40 well spent on advice. Now you know what sort of shoes you need - supportive/motion control/cushioning etc. you can look for similar models or comparative shoes from other brands online next time.

    Hope to see you down at Lodmoor sometime!

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