Got fat feet?

Just thought I have to mention the new running shoes I bought yesterday. It's my second pair of NB's as i have some 510's as well. But I got these new ones for my Ultra runs coming up. I wanted something light and edging towards minimalist but without losing some comforts. I picked up the 590 V2's for 37£ and I have to say they are amazing! Really really nice trainers.

I know we get the odd thread asking what trainers are good for this that and the other then if you got fat feet like me and you like a big toe box and you don't want to spend too much cash then really do check these out. I am well happy image Plus for the first time ever I went for a longish run straight off with them and didn't get a blister!  Usually I get rubbing on the outside of my foot at the base of my big toe where people get bunions, but I didn't get a thing.

Happiness over image


  • I might have to take a look at these if they are in sports direct.

    I could do with a new pair of shoes for the winter months.

    I have quite wide feet so these could be ideal.
  • Put 60 miles on them last week. Not a single blister nothing. No injuries etc. Well pleased. I think you maybe right so I will grab another pair soon. But for such thin forefoot cushioning they feel so soft. They do not give any support which I like too. But for the money I am well happy. Yeah I got these from Sports Direct/whatever they are called this week. Rather weirdly the bloke who served me actually had some knowledge on running shoes so i dropped the manager and email saying he was really great at what he was doing. So hopefully they might put him on a 5 hour contract or somethingimage instead of 0 hoursimage

  • Out of curiosity I just went and looked at those on the DS website. Says "closer fitting toe box" and "reduced lateral forefoot girth"... Oh well, they look too un-minimalist for me anyway.

  • Is that the wides? I presume not as they are neither if them image

  • Yes, that's the wides. Womens. Of course, they may have put the wrong blurb on...

  • image I don't know I have yet to find any info online about them at all. So you might be right

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