Brand new to running and exercise as a whole

Okay here goes, i've been a couch potato all my lazy a** life, i'm only a little over weight but have been told by doc that i need to shed some as i've had a bit of a liver problem.

Always wanted to run, gave it a go a few years back but gave up after just 2 days!

Now i'm seriouse, i want to do this. i bought my running shoes this morning and intend to go somewhere quiet this afternoon.

Any tips? i have mapmyrun and runkeeper installed on my phone, not sure which to use though.

i'm a bit nervouse of people watching as i know i'll be a complete wreck by the end.



  • Good luck Wayne, my tip would be to start off by running at a pace that seems ludicrously slow, maybe 50% faster than walking pace, max. Do it until you feel like you can't run any more, then walk for a bit until you feel like maybe you can run again, then do a bit more running (slowly). Don't try zooming off thinking 'but running is supposed to be fast!', just see how long you can jog slowly for.

  • It's worth adding a bit of structure so you can see your progress. Say run for three minutes walk for two and gradually increase you running time. Or use a fix route and keep a note of how long it takes you to do and you should get faster. Good luck getting out the door is the hardest bit.

  • One of the reasons I started running was because I had some Liver issues.

    I started by doing to couch to 5k round the local park. There are many versions around which you can download to your generic phone.

    Week 1 Run 1 was something like Run 60 secs/Walk 120 secs * 6, so try this and if you find it too easy you can always skip weeks (I made it but was breathing out of my get the the end)

    My one bit of advice is to stick to it and don't try to run before you can walk, if you excuse the pun. After a couple of weeks I thought I was invincible and went off doing my own routine. Bad times.

    Anyhow, good luck with it.  

     Edit - Oh and book a race, even if it's for next year. It's the best motivation.

  • As a reformed couch potato I have some tips for you: -

    • Follow something like Couch to 5km and build up slowly!
    • Whichever app you use link it to Facebook, I found that as I couldn't lie that way it really motivated to get out there and train.
    • Don't be afraid to run/walk it's the best way to train up without hurting yourself
    • Set yourself goals for instance enter a 5 or 10km race in a few months time
    • Don't worry about how you look, everyone else is either routing for you (that's me) or so worn out themselves they don't notice!
    • Enjoy yourself image
  • Elizabeth Dix 4 wrote (see)
    • Don't worry about how you look, everyone else is either routing for you (that's me) or so worn out themselves they don't notice!

    is that not what the apps are for?

  • A quick update...

    a mate rang before i went out, said he wanted to join me, we drove to burry port harbour and just went for it.

    I couldnt believe it, i ran non stop for 3k...WAW!

    stopped for a breather, then headed back. In all we did 5.32k! with 2 short walks on the way back

    I'm chuffed, i can't belive i had it in me.

    Tomorro though, i'm on my own. with no one with me to help i doubt i'll manage the same. It was a huge help having someone with me, it's what i needed to get me started. cheers for all the support guys.

    I know now that i can do it image

  • Skotty, byrouting for you I meant supporting or encouraging you!

    wayne James2 well done for yesterdays run, just don't overdo it and injure yourself...


  • Second run today, it didn't go no where near as well as tuesdays, i really struggled.

    I did pretty much same run but had to walk quite a bit, i think i had to stop 8 times in all. it was more so because i was on my own, no one to push me. I need some one with me.

    I had no aches before running which suprised me as we did a really good run on tuesday.

    Gonna give it another shot tomorrow, so hopefully i'll do a little better

  • Wayne, don't do it every day at first, try taking a day off in between. And I bet it's the opposite of not having someone to push you, I think you probably went too fast because there was no-one to slow you down by chatting to you, so you had to stop and walk sooner. Just take it easy and don't think you need to push yourself to the limit every time.

  • Almost 5 weeks in and i'm now managing 3.5+ miles per run, with an ongoing itb issue.

    really pleased with myself, pleased with my weight loss (creaping up to 2 st) and feeling great.

    Hit my first 5k last week at 24mins 46secs (according to Endomondo app), no idea if thats any good but it made my day image

    Thanks for the advice all, trying to get out every other day or at least 3 times a week

  • just wanted to say well doneimage that's great.


    do you have a local parkrun you can get to on Saturday mornings they are great fun / free / and give you an official time which is fun.  

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