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Hi all,

I have lurked on these forums for a while so feel a bit bad that my first post is to ask for help.  Sorry about that.

First a bit about my running history.  I started running seriously about two years ago (GNR 2011 was my first race in over 10 years) and completed my first marathon in spring this year.  In the four months leading up to it I stayed injury free and my training went according to plan with my longest few weeks topping out around 60 miles.  I was really happy to achieve my goal of finishing in just under 3 hours.

After the marathon I dropped my mileage to about 30 per week for a couple of months during which time I ran also ran a couple of 10ks.

In July I began to pick up the distance and the first couple of weeks in August I ran 65 mile weeks but for various (non-running related) reasons most of my runs in July & Aug were steady/easy with the longest single runs being about 12 miles (although I did do a couple of 22 mile doublers).  I then picked up a slight injury and was basically out for the best part of two weeks.

So I am now injury free (no recurrence after a 14 mile run on Sunday with 5 miles at marathon pace) but with only 6.5 weeks to go until marathon date. 

The question is, with my training so far being non-specific and interrupted by injury, is there any point in me really bursting a gut in the next month to try and improve on my marathon time?  Or should I just ditch the idea of running fast and try to ‘enjoy’ the marathon?  Not running at all is not really something I want to consider as flights and hotel are paid for and there is no option of deferring my place.

Really grateful for any advice as I have no idea!



EDIT:  Typo in the title and no way of editing.  Very embarrassing!


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't do any hard training sessions from now on just concentrate on getting some decent mileage in over the next 3 weeks. You could do 16, 18, 20 on your next long runs then taper. I would run them easy so as to not aggravate any injury.

    I would see how you feel over the next few weeks before deciding on how to run the race. Sub 3 may be a long shot but you may still be able to do a decent time.
  • Paul as milly said some long runs in the next few weeks will be good. From what you said before the injury you did a lot of the hard work before you got injured just depends on how much your body has kept ticking over between then and now. If things start to feel bad don't push it better to be slightly undertrained than have your leg falling off or something.

  • The way I would deal with this is to race on the day and just see what pace comes out . I would run to feel rather than a set pace. If things happen to feel good then press on.

    With this in mind I would be keeping the weekly mileage up, rebuiding the long runs, and keeping the majority of milege easy. I'd be doing a 2 week taper. Provided injuries are cleared up I would include some marathon paced mileage, and each week run a 30 - 40 min threshold run at around my 10 mile pace.

    So in essence I wouldn't bust a gut to make up time, nor just jog the race. I'd just accept that on this occassion the buildup was hindered by injury. You will gain experience by racing it.

  • Thank you very much guys.  Some really useful advice there.



  • Hi guys

    Sorry for dredging up an old thread but just wanted to thank you all for the advice. 

    I more or less went along with it, managed to avoid  injury and  finished my marathon at the weekend in 2.54.



  • 2.54??  Thats none too shabby !

  • Thanks. Four minutes faster than my first marathon, earlier this year, so really pleased. Especially as I could barely run 8 weeks ago.

  • image 2.54! Nice one mate an excellent time. image image

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