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Please Dr. Morton can you clarify something for me?  My understanding is that all the studies on training glycogen depleted involved a study group and a control group that did the same volume of exercise.  Have there been any studies that have compared glycogen depleted training to a glycogen rich training regime of a higher volume?  The rerason why I ask is that I used to not fuel my training properly and I struggled to break 3 hours for a marathon.  At the same time I used to do my long runs and sleep most of the afternoon.  After I started to fuel properly and eat properly before and after training I found I could cope with much higher training loads (and mow the lawn in the afternoon) and also the quality of training was higher too.  The result was that I very quickly went to around 2.45 marathon times and eventually did 2.41.11 at the age of 53.  At the moment I don't buy into the glycogen depleted training idea because I don't work off a fixed volume of training.  I will train as much as my body will take and I'm sure this is the case for many of your readers.  If these studies have not been done there is a huge hole in our knowledge which does not address natural human behaviour in the real world when it comes to an athlete that wants to do their very best.  Regards Henry Szwinto, New Forest Runners


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  • This article is very vague. The title seemed to indicate that low carb training and racing was effective, but the article itself said :

     competition always be performed with high carbohydrate availability (so as to maximize performance).

    As noted above by henry, there are no figures of how both the control group and the test group performed. Shocking considering a Dr wrote it!

  • Unfortunately Flob the article by SIS is not much more than an advert for their supplements. Eat low carb food and buy carb supplements from SIS.

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