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Hi all

I'm running my second Leicester half marathon in October. I'll be 57 years old by then and I'm seeking advice on a training plan.

Last year I completed the run in 2:21. I'd only had 7 weeks running experience to go from zero to 13.1 miles so I was pretty pleased with that. Since then I've run several 5Ks with a recent PB of 24:16 and ran a 10K in May in 54:57.

Runner's World race time predictor, based on my 5K PB, says I should run the half in 1:51. I'm therefore using the RW 10 week training plan for runners targeting a 1:50+ finish time.

I'm bothered that it might not be appropriate as it doesn't seem to take age into consideration. If it's geared towards say a 30 year old male hoping to finish in 1:50, then I'd be likely to run it a great deal slower.

I've just started week 4 of the plan and I'm actually getting on fine with it. My worry is that at the moment it seems a little too easy. It only includes one distance run per week culminating in "11/12 miles as slow as you like" on week 8. Far be it from me to doubt Bruce Tulloh, I do realise that I could be completely wrong, but I'm worried that the programme isn't right for me. If it is, I'll be delighted of course!

Does anyone have a view or advice they could pass on please?

Thanks in advance.



  • I don't think age makes any difference. If you can do the plan, it's probably fine. And I know plenty of people older than you that run half marathons faster than 1:50 (and people younger that don't).

  • Yup, agree with literatin, age shouldn't/doesn't factor in times. I ran my first Half a couple of weeks ago in 2:13, I'm 54 and met a guy who did 1:50 and he's 71,

    Fitness however does play a (big) role. I guess if your following a 1:50 plan and find it easy you might up the LSR a bit? or, have a nice 'easy' HM in Octoberimage

  • I would think the only think to be wary of is sleep and food as your recovery will take longer. 

    Join us on the sub 1:50 thread:

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  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback, so quick too!

    Literatin - It's good to hear that age shouldn't be an issue with a training plan - that was a real concern.

    Andi - I hadn't understood the importance and value of the LSR until reading your comments and doing some reasearch. 

    I'm going to stick to the plan and I'm certain it isn't going to be easy in October! 

    Tim - good points about sleep & food and thanks for the link to the sub 1:50 thread, great stuff. 



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