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Hi all,

So, I ran London in 2008 and loved it. i don't have a marathon runner's build, and so I was really chuffed to do it. A few half marathons and 10k's during training were great too, and I lost loads of weight.

Now I am sat at home having just become a dad, knackered, unfit and desperately in need of starting up again. And I've decided that next Monday is the day. 32 weeks until 13th April 2014, when I will try and run London again (if I get in).

I'm looking for some help with training plans. I'm pretty much starting from scratch again, but I can run a few miles at present ok. I like the look of the 16 week ultimate RW marathon plan for sub 4:30. But I need something for the first 16 weeks (i.e. now to late December). 

I have entered a half marathon on 27th October, but I don't think I have time to prepare well enough too run it. I have also entered a 10k in early November which I'll definitely do.

Can anyone give me any advice on what to follow for this first 16 weeks of my 32? I live in Scotland and according to the events calendar there are very few races between now and the end of the year, which is a shame as I really need some goals to work toward


  • Rob, firstly, congrats on becomming a Dad and deciding to get back out again image

    Newbie here myself but would suggest you spend the next 16 weeks building a decent base? You have started with lots of time so can take things easy(ish) to start, maybe look a doing some HADDing or similar? and build a decent base at an easy pace/HR.

  • I'm in a fairly similar position, although I had another go at starting again about 2 years ago, with a slooooow run through the GNR.  I really loved the experience of training for the 2008 FLM, but really failed to keep up the momentum.  I think I need a goal to get back into regular running and I've signed up for the Brighton Half in February.  However, my real goal is to get back into running regularly 3 or so times a week.  I'm in the process of doing C25K at the moment and trying not to press ahead too quickly, building up without injury, hopefully.  Good luck to everyone starting again!


  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Well done on starting again - why not come over and join us -

  • Thanks guys for all the advice. 

  • Also try can do a long term plan so it includes a lot of runs to prep you for the last 16 weeks of the plan.

  • If you have a look at Hal Higdon's site, he has a "supreme novice marathon" programme which takes 30 weeks. Might be just what you're looking for. It's certainly a nice steady programme.

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