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I have been running for a few months now, originally i had a cheap pair of asics and recently got a pair of Saucony Ride 5's. All was fine until i started upping the distance in training for my half marathon. I have a very high arch and land heavy on forefoot.

I am finding that on long runs the saconuy are leaving me with very sore feet. I started reviewing shoes on sports website to see if any specified additional front cushioning. very few do, well atleast in the lower price ranges. Does anyone have the same issues and recommend any makes/models that are particularly good for this type of planting?




  • If you're sure you land on your forefoot then Newtons are probably ideal - never worn them myself, but I don't think they are cheap. 

    The more expensive the shoe, the higher the cushioning (generally) although in most shoes more attention is paid to the heel by manufacturers as most people land there.

    Another option could be to go for a lower profile shoe with a less built up heel as you don't need it. Maybe something from the Brooks pure range ? I also believe Mizuno do shoes specifically for forefoot striking - think there are two, one is called something like the Cursoris ?

    Other option is to go to a specialist running shop and ask them - take your current shoes with you.


  • If you truly land on your forefoot, then I can't think of any shoes with cushioning for this - there are two schools of thought - one where you land on your heel, in cushioned shoes and roll forwards to toe-off and the other, where you land mid/fore-foot in minimal shoes with little cushioning, your heel dips and you push-off.

    It used to be true that the more you paid, the more you got.  But these days, the slipper-like shoes for minimalist running often cost more than the top-of-the-range cushioning shoes.  However, you can see roughly how much cushioning a shoe has just by looking at it.

  • As recovery runner said Mizuno do 2 shoes designed with forefoot strike in mind (they have the wave cushioning just at the forefoot). They are the Levitas and Cursoris with the Levitas being the more minimal shoe.

    I have the Levitas and really like them, if you shop around they can be had online for £50, also if you like Saucony and want something more minimal then the Kinvara 3 can be found at the same price, they don't have specific forefoot cushioning but they are a great shoe for mid/forefoot strikers.



  • Thanks, there are some great options here. I think i will go and get a specilist do some gait analysis, im fairly sure i am heavy forefoot runner but doesnt hurt to find out more. Will try a few pairs on from above too. 

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Jamie,

    I just realised I missed the most obvious make that has great forefoot cushioning! Newton,they have special lugs under the forefoot to aid running, they are expensive but people really rate them.

    Let us know what you end up getting.

  • If you want advice there is a running shop run by a Birchfield Harriers runner. I got advice on trainer from him, because of knees and lower back Arthritis.  Found the right trainers and they gave advice on trainers and not try and sell the top price and also had % taken off because of being in a club 

  • Forgot all about this, must be the time of year I end up on here. Ive ended up settled with Nike Pegasus 31 & the nike vomero. Both equally as comfy on long or short runs.

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